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  1. Thanks for having a look. I'd like for the tension tags generated vertex map to grow when triggered by collision. Similar to how the tension tags vertex map can generate folds or creases in a texture but adding the growth capability of the new fields system. TensionTriggerGrowth.c4d
  2. I've tried setting my vertex map created by the tension tag to use fields but it doesn't seem to be responsive to anything I place in the field modifiers. Is this possible? Or is the map giving priority to information from the tension tag and ignoring any field modifiers? Thanks in advance!
  3. How would you approach the loft once inside the Volume builder? Would the volume builder give me that slight thickness I'm going to need as well? Also, while I have your attention, thoughts on shading? I'm thinking gradients with lots of noise/dirt layering but I'm afraid those are going to take a lot of work to get looking natural and there aren't a lot of these kinds of texture photos out there.
  4. Well whaddaya know. The ONE thing I had not yet tried appears to work best. Don't know why I have it in my head that lofts require closed splines. Thanks Igor.
  5. If it were the SS setting then the edges of your models would also be jagged I believe. Have you looked into the resolution of whatever image is providing the reflection environment? If it's an HDRI then it could be your resolution settings in Arnold Sky.
  6. Hi all, Wondering if anyone might have some suggestions as to the best approach to modelling the Padina Pavonica algae? Volumes? Or mosplines? Look forward to your thoughts!
  7. I'm not at my computer to test right now but I would probably drop the hair shader and look at getting your droplets by using the coat layer in the standard shader. Find some condensation maps and plug those into the normal of the coat.
  8. I thought there was a grow option there but I couldn't find it. Do I have to enable something to see that option?
  9. I'm wondering if there is now an easier way to achieve vertex map weight propagation effects like this using fields? It's looking like the old python tag of his no longer works and as amazing as it was at the time, it was a bit clunky. Here's hoping fields will make this a simpler process.
  10. I'd try approaching the display from a physically accurate perspective. Top glass layer, illuminated information underneath. The rest of the stand appears to need some accurate specular.
  11. Is the text beveled? The shader needs a bit of roundness to work I believe.
  12. I think you might need more work with shading than lighting there. With the text, I would probably use emission with a facing ratio node in the weight instead of a mesh light. This will result in defined curves and edges that look more geometric and less 2d.
  13. Try connecting a ramp to your specular weight.
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