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  1. Thats too easy :)
  2. Id like to run a plane (or cube) through a pair of gears and have the gears crimp the plane. I found this video that shows it in real life: Video example Any ideas on how to do this?
  3. I have a point on a path that was once the end point of the path. I added an extra point to the path "after" this point, now I'd like to have bezier handles on the point, Is there a convert points tool like in illustrator? How can I pull bezier handles from a point?
  4. I can find tons of info about integrating a 3D object into a 2D scene, but nothing about integrating a 2D object into a 3D scene.... When I try and add the C4d object to AE, I cannot seem to track it. That would be the ideal solution, tracking the 3D, but I cant seem to do it. Any ideas?
  5. HI everyone, Looking for a tutorial, or help compositing a lower third element with a 3d model. I have a machine that needs to have callouts of the parts. I have an animation with similar camera moves to this: (starts at @00:34) And have the "with caleb pike" be the description of the part of the machine with a line pointing to the part it is describing. And have that element move in 3D space with the model. I know that since the description will be animated, like a lower third, the best way to do that is probably in AE. I've seen tons of tutorials about compositing a 3D element in a 2D layout, but not compositing a 2D element (like a text animation) into a 3D world, and having it track with the 3D object. Any help or direction is greatly appreciated. //ad
  6. Anyone have a recipe or material for a glowing molten metal? Something like this:
  7. I have a group of text that I want to look at the camera, when I put the "Look at Camera" (LAC) Tag on the text, it flips. I have tried grouping the text into a null and putting the LAC on the null, it still reverses it. I have tried targeting the camera with the target tag, still reversed. What am I doing wrong?
  8. Looks like chamfer is a spline option, I have a cube primitive, and a copy of that that is now editable..
  9. I can whip this out in illustrator and extrude it, I know.... because I just did.... Is there a way to just fillet the two corners in C4d? Thanks, sorry if this is a stupid question...
  10. Sorry for the title... i have an idea to create a mold (like a chocolate mold) fill the mold with a liquid Peel away the mold reveal the solid form made by the mold. Is this a job for mograph/particles? Or is this a job for something else?
  11. I have an .ai of a graphic that I need to extrude and then create a grid matrix out of. so that the elements look like: xxx xxx xxx where each X is the extruded object. The extrusion is no problem, but when I put it into a cloner grid array, it looks like all of the clones are stacked ontop of one another. Is there an easy way to get them to line up end to end? Thanks.