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  1. Team render watch folder?

    I was hoping for something I could save files to and team render would just chunk away at it without me having to start it.
  2. Is ther a watch folder that I can save files to and have my render machine chug away on? ive read about team render server, but that seems like it requires one more machine than I have....
  3. Jiggle on clones?

    Thanks so much Teno!
  4. Jiggle on clones?

    None of those did the trick. Or else I was doing them wrong. Test scene attached. jiggletest.c4d
  5. Is there a way to have a jiggle effect on clones as they appear? I have a sick of cubes that I'm animating from one to seven instances, as they appear, Id like to have them have a little jiggle, I have a jiggle on the cloned cube, but that doesn't seem to do it... has anyone done something like that?
  6. Arnold Material Tutorial

    Looking at several material tutorials on Youtube.... Will the Arnold for Maya texture tutorials transfer to the C4d Arnold textures?
  7. Crash on every quit

    Team render isnt the issue I dont have octane How would I clean up/regenerate preference files?
  8. New file with no materials and no rig. Same issue with R18 and R19 (both studio) A_Balloon.c4d
  9. Using R19 and R18 (both studio) on a macbook pro. Every time I quid C4d, it crashes. Anyone else have this issue?
  10. Working through some balloon text tutorials from eyedesign on youtube When I run the simulation with no fillet caps, the letter acts like jell-o When I run it with filet caps, it goes crazy. I can check constrain, but that only works to a certain point with fillet steps and radius (plus the fillet caps look way more baloon like) Ive checked the settings in the video and he is not using constrain. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Screen grabs (from about the same frame) and c4d file attached A_Balloon.c4d
  11. Working on an animation where I would like to have the whole width of the X-Particles trails follow a spline path. I have tried "follow spline", but the particles all seem to just go to one point on the spline, not along the spline path. I have tried "follow shape" but that doesnt seem to do it. I have a spline wrap that is doing what I want, but I want the particles to go along with it, so I can make it look more liquidy in the animation. As you can see in the attachment, the particles just go up. Any ideas? I'm new to X Particles... Thanks, ad
  12. "preloading" emitter?

    Cerbera, that's it, thanks!!
  13. "preloading" emitter?

    I would like my emitter to have run some frames before the first frame in my animation, is there a way to "preload" the emitter? I Know im using the wrong word, and if I knew the right word, google would tell me... Thanks. ad
  14. bending spline wrap

    Its the hierarchy that always gets me ! Thanks a million!!!
  15. bending spline wrap

    I have a Cube being spline wrapped, on the end of the spline I would like to peel the cube up, like a paper curl so I can see the bottom of the surface. The corner I want to curl is circled in Red. I tried using the bend deformer, but that just made the cube go crazy, I just want that corner curling up.... Thanks in advance. ad