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  1. Working on an animation where I would like to have the whole width of the X-Particles trails follow a spline path. I have tried "follow spline", but the particles all seem to just go to one point on the spline, not along the spline path. I have tried "follow shape" but that doesnt seem to do it. I have a spline wrap that is doing what I want, but I want the particles to go along with it, so I can make it look more liquidy in the animation. As you can see in the attachment, the particles just go up. Any ideas? I'm new to X Particles... Thanks, ad
  2. "preloading" emitter?

    Cerbera, that's it, thanks!!
  3. "preloading" emitter?

    I would like my emitter to have run some frames before the first frame in my animation, is there a way to "preload" the emitter? I Know im using the wrong word, and if I knew the right word, google would tell me... Thanks. ad
  4. bending spline wrap

    Its the hierarchy that always gets me ! Thanks a million!!!
  5. bending spline wrap

    I have a Cube being spline wrapped, on the end of the spline I would like to peel the cube up, like a paper curl so I can see the bottom of the surface. The corner I want to curl is circled in Red. I tried using the bend deformer, but that just made the cube go crazy, I just want that corner curling up.... Thanks in advance. ad
  6. Crimping plane or cube?

    Thats too easy :)
  7. Crimping plane or cube?

    Id like to run a plane (or cube) through a pair of gears and have the gears crimp the plane. I found this video that shows it in real life: Video example Any ideas on how to do this?
  8. I have a point on a path that was once the end point of the path. I added an extra point to the path "after" this point, now I'd like to have bezier handles on the point, Is there a convert points tool like in illustrator? How can I pull bezier handles from a point?
  9. compositing AE Lower third w/ C4d Model

    I can find tons of info about integrating a 3D object into a 2D scene, but nothing about integrating a 2D object into a 3D scene.... When I try and add the C4d object to AE, I cannot seem to track it. That would be the ideal solution, tracking the 3D, but I cant seem to do it. Any ideas?
  10. HI everyone, Looking for a tutorial, or help compositing a lower third element with a 3d model. I have a machine that needs to have callouts of the parts. I have an animation with similar camera moves to this: (starts at @00:34) And have the "with caleb pike" be the description of the part of the machine with a line pointing to the part it is describing. And have that element move in 3D space with the model. I know that since the description will be animated, like a lower third, the best way to do that is probably in AE. I've seen tons of tutorials about compositing a 3D element in a 2D layout, but not compositing a 2D element (like a text animation) into a 3D world, and having it track with the 3D object. Any help or direction is greatly appreciated. //ad
  11. Anyone have a recipe or material for a glowing molten metal? Something like this:
  12. I have a group of text that I want to look at the camera, when I put the "Look at Camera" (LAC) Tag on the text, it flips. I have tried grouping the text into a null and putting the LAC on the null, it still reverses it. I have tried targeting the camera with the target tag, still reversed. What am I doing wrong?
  13. round only two corners of cube?

    Looks like chamfer is a spline option, I have a cube primitive, and a copy of that that is now editable..
  14. I can whip this out in illustrator and extrude it, I know.... because I just did.... Is there a way to just fillet the two corners in C4d? Thanks, sorry if this is a stupid question...
  15. Sorry for the title... i have an idea to create a mold (like a chocolate mold) fill the mold with a liquid Peel away the mold reveal the solid form made by the mold. Is this a job for mograph/particles? Or is this a job for something else?