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  1. Create a folded circle business card

    Thank you Casey for all your help! It's VERY much appreciated! I will follow you advice for the rest ;-)
  2. Create a folded circle business card

    Sorry for bugging you so much and excuse my English i'm Dutch so bare with me. Boundary was indeed it! Bend deformer into an SDS won't really work for me, because would love to have that nice realistic fold that you made in de last version. Also i'm keep having edgy roundness after rendering even the final version shows some. I'm very picky... ;-P and i can see you are precise too. I thought this would be super easy to do in C4D and off course it would be for you and your skills, but i bit off more than i could chew for now i need to watch more tutorials and learn the basics. Is it possible you could help me some more to build these elements: Circle card with graphic and a transparent filled shot glass? I would want pay for it or maybe return the favor with help to do with graphic design. I just roughly photoshoped the scene i want to create with my design implemented. Again roughly so you have the idea, glass doesn't have the right transparency and isn't filled etc... Positioning of the scene i can do myself and probably lighting too, also want to have one card flipped showing the inner side what i can do myself. I only need those two elements in the right proportions so i can setup the scene (proportions multiply 10? so size isn't that tiny to work with). Maybe you already have this kind of shot glass in your library archive? The reason for using C4D is because i want to create a camera loop and end with a animated gif/mov. Let me know ;-)
  3. Create a folded circle business card

    Sorry i'm just getting started in C4D ;-) That did the trick on the first version! Only i'm still fighting what happens after baking it and using SDS to create the smoothness even after adding extra loop cuts, the texture shows a distortion in SDS. See screenshots.
  4. Create a folded circle business card

    Thank you don't even know how i appreciate your detailed help! You have incredible c4d skills ;-) I followed your instructions and everything went the way you explained. Although when applying the textures they were totally green and blacked out with no test logo and text. I knew immediately that must be because of the texture size or position that doesn't fit the object and in 'texture mode' i saw it was flipt vertical and way to big. Looking for a solution i found the 'fit to object' tag and that did the trick only to be presented with another problem of distortion with texture on one side when bended and the 'LOGO' is in a mirrored. If you rotate the texture in the angle of the bend on that side it starts to look good again (LOGO still mirrored) only the distortion is on the other side. Don't know the solution for this. See screenshots --> I'm not yet at your folded edge instructions part. I was fiddling with the points before, but i probably did it in a wrong view mode and didn't used the right tool to connect the points to a single point when cleaning up those corners. It isn't even possible to apply the texture at the end, with the finished fold version (sds) or does it have to be done in the beginning? AGAIN thank you ;-)
  5. Applying material to folded circle card

    Again, thanks Deck! I had the same distortion when applying the materials. I thought this would be simple to do ;-( The last version in my original file with the nice beveled fold is perfect to use, but without the distortion of course.
  6. Applying material to folded circle card

    Thanx Deck, great help! Really appreciate that. Is it still possible to add material on the final subdivision surface version with the nice complete and ready fold?
  7. This is a question that i posted on Friday and had some great help. I still have some issues applying the materials. They look really strange even when in flat phase and can't get them look normal on the surface. (see screenshot) What you see is a 3 phases of modeling the card by Vizn. Would be great to just get the materials to the last finished card (subdivision surface version, right on screenshot). Hope someone can help ;-) round card bend.c4d
  8. Create a folded circle business card

    Incredible thank you! Now i have to find out how you did this. Last model is perfect! Bombardment of questions: Adding the Subdivision Surface Weight Tag does the trick from keeping the shape normal when putting the plane in a subdivision surface, why is that necessary and doesn't the S.Surface handle that correctly? Do you start with a parametric 'disc' and build it from there? I was fiddling with the bend object before, but i'm quite new to C4D couldn't get the bend i needed. After adding the bend object how do you get it like second one smooth fold, is there a merge of does two objects (removing the bend object)? How do you create the thickness and is it in this state still adjustable? I had some missing plugins when opening the file see screenshot, does that matter? I going to dive right in, again thank you!
  9. Create a folded circle business card

    Thank you that are really helpful tips!
  10. Hello, I trying to create a realistic folded circle business card with 60 mm diameter and folded somewhat like 45 degrees. This is what i want to achieve in c4d: Folded circle 60mm diameter paper card or bigger if it doesn't have to meet the same metrics Paper thickness 400grams for example (1,2mm) not have to be exactly that There is a front design and back design. Front design is mirrored and on each half Back design is (not visible until opening) black with mirrored information text Nice realistic beveled fold! Realistic lighting and shadow I did some tests and used a 'disc' in C4d spit and rotate, but not sure if that is the way to go. Also the material flips the logo on the other side (not showed). Must be super easy for a C4d specialist. Would really appreciate the help or a quick made example to work on?! Thank you!