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  1. Creating bevel edges from extrude nurbs

    Great tip looks much beter that way!
  2. Creating bevel edges from extrude nurbs

    Edge selection tag is what makes it work right? I had in the past hard time to find that tag. Can't find tag (triangle) in the object-manager > tags. How do you create a tag like that, because there aren't real edges to select beforehand right.
  3. Creating bevel edges from extrude nurbs

    WOW so it is possible within the EN!! I'm learning, thank mate so much! I know it is not ideal in a C4D polygon modeling world, but i was wondering if it could be done. Love it!
  4. Creating bevel edges from extrude nurbs

    I just made all the cuts needed for it to work just like you did with the BD. I've got one tiny issue those cuts are also being beveled with the BD and it show little bump everywhere. Is that just the limitation of using the BD and there isn't a way to leave those cuts unbeveled? If i do it manually with the bevel tool i can avoid selecting those cuts and only bevel the outer edges. Anyway thanks again learned a lot more ;-) OOOOOHH i see it angle option.... !!! great this is what i wanted!
  5. Creating bevel edges from extrude nurbs

    Thanks! I understand what you mean, it needs those extra points and cuts in its topology to work correctly as a polygon object.
  6. Creating bevel edges from extrude nurbs

    Thanks mate, will take a look if i can make it work for me.
  7. Creating bevel edges from extrude nurbs

    I don't blame nobody love Cinema 4D, but i'm still learning. Fixing those topology errors manually by knife how thus that work and how do you recognize those errors?
  8. Creating bevel edges from extrude nurbs

    Also using the fillet cap in EN, forgot to mention, it makes the bevel go outwards even when "constrain" is on it goes out of its normal dimensions. Well you mean modeling by hand, well why C4D has the option of importing a vector if that totally the wrong way of making a shape like this. There isn't a way to make the undo the massive ngon in caps so BD will work. If it doesn't i will just use manual bevel on the frame that will work, but i can't adjust it afterwards.
  9. Creating bevel edges from extrude nurbs

    I knew the fillet cap option and it would work perfectly but it doesn't bevel this corner which makes it not line up with the rest of the framework bevel.
  10. Creating bevel edges from extrude nurbs

    The test file is simple yes, but not the framework in my project, probably for you, but it is really precisely drawn in illustrator with all the right dimensions and doing that in C4d is rather inefficient and seems not necessary too me. Simple import the spline, putting it in an EN and converting it to a polygon sounds much more easy than modeling it all by hand. Only thing that is working against me is the fact that i can't use the bevel deformerand that would be preferred method because the bevel is still adjustable. Manual bevel tool after converting it to a polygon works fine, but I'm rather stubborn and just want to know why i can't get the bevel deformer to work. Optimized the mesh after converting, but still adding the BD to the polygon make it disappear/transparant.
  11. Creating bevel edges from extrude nurbs

    Again great tips! Haven’t had any issues with the test.c4d creating bevels from an EN, but my project model is biting back. Optiming the mesh is selecting all and right click optimize? Going to check it all tomorrow!
  12. Creating bevel edges from extrude nurbs

    Hey! quick question, i would like to be able to change the bevel later on some more after turning the "EN" model into a polygon. That is possible by using bevel deformer, it works fine in the quick example file i made for this question, but not for my project. When turning "EN" into a polygon with the box "create single object" on and adding the bevel deformer as a child object to the polygon disappears and you see only light framework of it. Do you know so on the fly what that could be?
  13. Creating bevel edges from extrude nurbs

    That was it i think! Tick 'create single object' was the thing what was missing for the equation so the say. You are a champ, as usual!
  14. Creating bevel edges from extrude nurbs

    Oh i watched a great tutorial on creating bevel edges by Christoph Doe, see min 36 where he explains these options.