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  1. So select all the Phong Tags and change the value 'till you like the result
  2. python - content browser

    Really good question, did you finalle get it?
  3. Tutorial for this?

    Seems like a simple emitter with a Tracer, and a few other emitter doind this "debris" thing. here's a simple one I just put out. I leave the project file for you to check it out! With a little bit of time put some gradients and ending caps for the tracers and there you have it! Hope it helps! Emitters_Tracers.c4d
  4. Cool reel! Congratulations!
  5. How long did it take for you?

    Three years maybe. It all started with Final Cut, I began taking a few tutorials for an upcoming project I had back in the day. I remember I squeezed every drop of the program, and then the title tool built on it became small, and I started playing around with Motion. Then I got like "Man, I love this stuff", and I enrole a two years Associative's Degree in Media, where I learned Premiere, and lately After effects. And I remember my mind blowing up like "My oh my, that's it", and then it was After Effects and nothing else. Then came Maya, and it never really got me. I started to work for a National Tv Channel (I still work there nowadays), where I learned Viz Artist from VizRt, and then Cinema 4D, the only 3D software that has caught me since the beggining. So, a life? I still feel like a rookie, even doing a living with it. Never stop learning, that's my trick!
  6. Solid Angle Arnold goes Subscription

    I don't really think is a clever movement for Solid Angle this subscription's thing. I'm an Arnold user, and yes, it IS amazing, and the detail it gives it's outstanding, but it is still a very pricy render engine, and if they start messing around with their perpetual users they are really going tohave a problem called Otoy, cause they offer another awesome render engine (Octane) for third the price they are asking for. I'm aware that Arnold it is not really comparable to Octane, but in this industry (and any other) "money talks", and no one should mess around with the budget.