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  1. Thank you Dan and Phil, I've found the solution in my C4D R20 and made a note to self video. It is like Phil writes the enable post deformers tag and tangential mixing https://youtu.be/ZKQl0XhtuGM Philip
  2. Hi I'm trying to get verts in a pose morph to behave when they are deformed by a posed rig and I want to push them into the desired direction using the pose morph tag. Think elbow being bend and the inside verts should be pushed out. When the rig deformation is extreme obviously the vert deform axis are no longer as they appear on screen. Is there a way around this so that Z stays Z on a deformed vert in a pose morph? I have attached a simple example and uploaded a video here https://youtu.be/IDzDEq7PFxY Any suggestion is welcome. Thanks Philip pose morph.c4d
  3. Thank you Dan, guess I'll have to be more patient on the hand part then. Philip
  4. Playing around with the character rigging tool in C4D. It's a great tool. However, when posing the joints of the rig in the hand I often mess up. Finger jonts no longer align. Is there a way to just set the first and the last joint in a finger (or any chain) and have C4D align the ones in between? I know the ACS character rig can do it in Modo. Thanks Philip
  5. Unfortunately not, yet (more bump).
  6. Hi, I'm looking for a way to connect explosia to a voronoi object. So far I found I need to make the voronoi editable for explosiaFX to show up. This means adding a tag to every voronoi part (i want about 200 of them). Or does it? Is there a more elegant way to do this? Uploaded the examplefile here Thanks Philip
  7. Or just buy the upgrade from 2.4 to 3.0 for only $ 40 at cgtools.com Totaly worth it. Philip
  8. Landphere I treated my self, you should do it too: MSI x299 tomahawk s2066 mobo intel i7 7820x 3.6 GHz cpu (it has more cores then the i7 8700) colled with a scythe mugen 5 pcgh edition 4 x16 Kingston Super Samsung 1 Tb 960 pro m.2 for extra fast data writing 2 asus gtx 1080Ti rog strix 11 Gb coolermaster v1000 modular powersource coolermaster cm 690 III casing Win 10 pro and a dual layer dvd writer for good measures I even received some credit for my year old msi 1080 gaming ... The system is very quiet and eats ae comps, modo renders, vray renders in modo and particle and fluid sims in c4d for breakfast. It even has a handy tray for my usb stick and party lights. I'm very happy with it. All this goodness for 3.500 euro ex VAT. Philip
  9. Rendered out my first fluid sim in Realflow and Cycles 4d. It's not perfect but I found the overall usage of Realflow straightforward. I'll have to try and do this with xparticles too. You can find the animation here: Life is sweet.
  10. So, what system did you build Sprutt? Very curious to learn if it lives up to your expectations. I'm considering a new system too i7 8700 K and two 1080- Ti cards. For large projects I'll hire a renderfarm but I do need to be able to preview parts of my animations fast. Some Cycles C4d work and some Modo CPU work. Or would an i9 be a better option? Philip
  11. Link says : " video not available"
  12. I'm no expert in c4d rigging but perhaps you have to rebind the mesh to the skeleton? Philip
  13. Ah yes i should have done that in the first place. here you go, it's about 16 Mb so i've uploaded it to google drive download the zipped file here
  14. I'm trying to slice up an animated character as he moves, make him crumble down during his walk. i've gotten to the point where i have a single 30 frame animated looped mesh from mixamo to c4d, it has a point cache tag. Thanks to an excellent tutorial by demafleez that can be found here. The problem is that a voronoi fracture will slice up the complete cached mesh on every pose of the cache. How can i get voronoi to slice up my character just once and make him break apart from there with dynamics. Any pointers?