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  1. Thanks again HSrdelic. Next up is fluids and kidney failure. Philip
  2. There, it's done. here's a link to the full animation with a crappy english CC
  3. Thank you, I will post it once the client has released the animation. Philip
  4. Clip (no audio) from an animation I made to inform dialysis patients about the importance of their loyalty to their medication. I build two characters Aart and Annie in Modo to tell the story. Rigged by Aleksy Voznesenski (ace 5 studios) because i suck at rigging and animated by me in C4D. Rendered with Redshift. Once the client has published i can share the full animation.
  5. pilF

    bend mesh make null follow

    HSrdelic: savior of day!!! Thank you, this saved me a huge amount of keyframes. Cheers Philip
  6. pilF

    bend mesh make null follow

    just the first one to follow the deformation, the other 2 nulls stay inert and form the rest of the spline/rope.
  7. So, I have a mesh being bend with a deformer and I want part of a chain of nulls to follow the deformed mesh so i can attach a rope to it. Simple enough right? Or so I thought... I've been trying to get this working for a few hours. And boy, would any suggestion be welcome... Philip bend null.c4d
  8. Thank you Dan and Phil, I've found the solution in my C4D R20 and made a note to self video. It is like Phil writes the enable post deformers tag and tangential mixing https://youtu.be/ZKQl0XhtuGM Philip
  9. Hi I'm trying to get verts in a pose morph to behave when they are deformed by a posed rig and I want to push them into the desired direction using the pose morph tag. Think elbow being bend and the inside verts should be pushed out. When the rig deformation is extreme obviously the vert deform axis are no longer as they appear on screen. Is there a way around this so that Z stays Z on a deformed vert in a pose morph? I have attached a simple example and uploaded a video here https://youtu.be/IDzDEq7PFxY Any suggestion is welcome. Thanks Philip pose morph.c4d
  10. Thank you Dan, guess I'll have to be more patient on the hand part then. Philip
  11. Playing around with the character rigging tool in C4D. It's a great tool. However, when posing the joints of the rig in the hand I often mess up. Finger jonts no longer align. Is there a way to just set the first and the last joint in a finger (or any chain) and have C4D align the ones in between? I know the ACS character rig can do it in Modo. Thanks Philip
  12. Unfortunately not, yet (more bump).
  13. Hi, I'm looking for a way to connect explosia to a voronoi object. So far I found I need to make the voronoi editable for explosiaFX to show up. This means adding a tag to every voronoi part (i want about 200 of them). Or does it? Is there a more elegant way to do this? Uploaded the examplefile here Thanks Philip
  14. Or just buy the upgrade from 2.4 to 3.0 for only $ 40 at cgtools.com Totaly worth it. Philip