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  1. Impressive everfresh, no particles were harmed with the making of this animation. Philip
  2. Thank you for replying Rector, I can't send you a PM (blocked). I could share the scene with you if you're willing to take a look at it. It's too complicated to simplify the scene. edit: I think i just solved the updating problem, so only the freezing problem remains, back to R20 for now Philip
  3. Lots of problems here with R21 and constraints not updating to a rig or keyed motion of a master null. No matter the order or priority i set the elements to. To top it of, on several random ocasions C4d froze on me moving it one frame forward or backward. Switched to R20 with the same scene and all problems were gone. Latest OGL 2x 2080 Ti RTX (driver 430.86, i7 7820x . Any suggestions in what direction I can look for a possible solution, apart from switching back to R20? Thanks Philip
  4. Thank you bentraje, just what I wanted. Philip
  5. Is there a function in R21 to remember the f curve, meananig it shows up ghosted beneath the active curve. I'd like to edit a 'track after' curve set to repeat and mimic the shape. I remember Modo having this feature. Thanks philip
  6. Here's a theory: Rizom has inside information MAXON will reveal a killer UV suite included with R21. So they drop their prize now to get you spending your Money on their product. You buy Rizom anyway. Result: kicking self. Or ... alternative theory: MAXON will leave the UV sadness for what it is in R21 (like in many past updates) but you do not take up the Rizom offer. Result: kicking self. On the other hand it's great to have good tools and people tend to overestimate a negative outcome and underestimate a positive one. I have Modo for UV but I think Rizom is a good deal. Go for it. Philip
  7. And here's another part of the human abilities valley being filled up by ai. Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems have “developed an end-to-end deep learning algorithm that can take any speech signal as input – and realistically animate it in a wide range of adult faces. More info here: https://news.developer.nvidia.com/generating-character-animations-from-speech-with-ai/ The dataset and trained model are available for researchers on Github
  8. So here's animation #2 made for people with kidney failure. In this one Aart and Annie illustrate the do's and dont's if you have a fluid limitation due to kidney failure. It's narrated in Dutch ... but hey it has an English cc. Annie is the green one with the dress and no beard. C4D R20, Redshift and a bit of the ubiquitous Adobe tools.
  9. Hi I just purchased Real Magazine preset by Gianni Lorusso. Anyone else played with it yet? It's very useful. Description on the aescripts site says: " Magazine preset for Cinema 4D (requires Mograph). Creates a magazine, newspaper or exercise book with all the pages you need, adjust the size, set the starting and ending configuration for the animation, flip through pages one at a time manually or automatically and much more " https://aescripts.com/realmagazine/ Philip
  10. Yes, thank you that worked. I was so close and did not try this simple step ... Philip
  11. Yes that's what I want Cerbera, how did you get the guides to behave like that? Thanks Philip
  12. Hi, I'm trying to grow fibers from a cut out vector shape (extruded and made editable). But i cannot get the guides to behave and point outward of the cardboard material. Tried aligning normals, flipping them with no effect. Anny suggestions how to improve this? paper hair.c4d
  13. Bought the Hellolux, was not disappointed. The ones Igor mentioned look great too.

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