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  1. walk cart.mp4 There goes Annie
  2. Thank you vertex helix that helped. I should drive the deformer with a field but could not get it to behave because i didn't realise it will only work on the original geo before th spline wrap. Added subd with redshift tag. Cheers Philip
  3. Remenber those pesky party horns? Well, I'd like to animate one and used Mosplineand spline wrap to do so. Only problem is i do not know how to inflate the shape once it has been unwrapped. As if it is blown up by air. I've added a pose morph to the object but would need to limit it's effect to the unwrapped part only. So the question is how do i blow up the shape after deformation by the Mospline liniting the effect? File attached ... Cheers Philip party horn.c4d
  4. Sweet, wish i'd seen this earlier. I actualy did break the first setup and ended up hard keyframing the cart to the hand pulling it. Problem was that the handle wasn't straight but bend which offsets the angle. Also the target was moving in x, y and z (the arm was fk). The character does a walk in place so now i need to key the rotation of the wheels by hand. Or make clever use of that wheel in relation to the feet sliding. But Annie (the character) will do one more performance with her shopping cart and I'll defenitly (try and) use the awesome rig you built in that one. Thanks again jed. I've added the - trolley from hell mesh - as a weird kind of thank you. Philip shopping cart.c4d
  5. This is great, thank you jed, i can see how the solution you provided works. I'll post a shot of an animated granny and her cart once they are animated. Working on a decent walkcycle now. Thanks again for your help. Philip
  6. Thanks for the reply natevplas, i'll keep the ik as a last resort. For now I'll try and figure out the cool solution Jed posted. Thank you very much. (...) (stares at xpresso) Hm that's counter intuitive to me, to rotate the wheel you divide its global position through its radius? Tilting the cart is a matter of ... no wait ...
  7. I would like to have a shopping trolley tilt when it is pulled. You know those carts with just one axis and a high handle. I can get the wheels to behave but how do i make it tilt when parented to a hand and follow the Y motion of the hand with its pictch. Should it be an ik chain or is there a more simple solution? Scene file attached any suggestions appreciated. Cheers Philip cart rig.c4d
  8. Very cool looking project! Except perhaps for the reflection, might use something more organic or abstract? It's strange to see an office reflected in muscle tissue. Philip
  9. Thank you. True that, the alternative would have been solid eyes but then the character would haven been less of a puzzle piece. White background compulsory.
  10. Just finished this fun project. I'd drawn a 2d mascot for a client earlier. Next they wanted it to present a new platform. So to keep the image interesting we went for a 3d version. https://youtu.be/jur900dm1X8
  11. Thanks again HSrdelic. Next up is fluids and kidney failure. Philip
  12. There, it's done. here's a link to the full animation with a crappy english CC
  13. Thank you, I will post it once the client has released the animation. Philip
  14. Clip (no audio) from an animation I made to inform dialysis patients about the importance of their loyalty to their medication. I build two characters Aart and Annie in Modo to tell the story. Rigged by Aleksy Voznesenski (ace 5 studios) because i suck at rigging and animated by me in C4D. Rendered with Redshift. Once the client has published i can share the full animation.



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