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  1. LWCAD was just updated to 2020 which means the C4D version isn't that far off anymore. Victor Velicko writes: It (lwcad c4d) is very much alive. As I wrote in this thread, it was necessary to finalize new Mesh TR first. R23 version is already recompiled, now fixing bunch of reported bugs from last couple months. And I want to also update some UI things, which bothers me the most. So R23 version will go out soon. And then you can expect the first bunch of floor-plan tools with the next version. Maybe even this year, if there will be no big delays. Developme
  2. In AE when jou have a line drawing roughen edges and wiggle wil l render a neat distortion of the image. I you have vector paths you can use wiggle path too. Try animating the paper underneath it also with a little crumple. here's alink to a ae tutorial https://youtu.be/I8-MwiPuzlI Philip
  3. In the end i find that a boolean of the plate with each extruded jigsaw piece works best in this case.
  4. Good one bezo, didn't know i could do that. Place spline over object in perspective view, spline active, points mode, ctrl click knife on spline and done according to this tut https://youtu.be/8jXMMF10Voc?t=189 The tutorial was helpfull too though i will have to brush up my Czech
  5. Ah yes but then i would lose the shape of the plate in Y. But wait i could project the spline onto the plate object first and then extrude if the spline is subdivided enough? Philip
  6. This is more difficult then i thought it would be. So I have a plate that i want to break into jig saw pieces. I have drawn these as avector and imported them. The solid plate has a voronoi parent and the generator is set to the spline object. I was hoping to get clean jigsaw pieces with the voronoi. But i can't get it to work. Not with all the splines pieces connected nor as a single source. Any suggestions how i could achive this? Thanks Philip
  7. Oh man wish i had known about this before it would have saved hours of fiddeling with keys. Thank you for your reply Hippodastamus. Problem solved. Philip
  8. So I have an animated character and it is keyed at different frames up to frame 100. After that nothing happens. I want to set a key for all the elements at frame 110. Can I do this in 1 or 2 clicks. Clicking F9 won't work. Now I have to scroll down the objects in the dope sheet and ctrl move them. Hope there is an easier way? Thanks Philip
  9. Kangddan actualy made a tutorial, in Chinese and got somehere halfway translating it. Haven't read anything about it since november 15 last year when "Victory was at hand"
  10. While I can in a way sympathize with the aversion to non-C4D software promotion, after all this is a C4D hub, creating a C4D-only bubble seems a bad idea to me. Knowledge about new trends and techniques in 3d opens up new possibilities, stimulates growth. Important ingredients if you run a company, big or small. And demand for a certain solution promotes the development in C4D. You could argue I should visit other dedicated sites for that. But I would like C4Dcafe to be an inspiring open place. So a post about the awesome poly crunching and ligthing capabilities of the Unreal Engi
  11. Well this looks like a lot of fun to play with, Key Mesh for Blender Proof of concept anim test. "KeyMesh" is a Experimental Feature to create ifferent meshes per frame in the same object. Dev:Pablo Dobarro Test and Anim by Daniel Martinez Lara
  12. Aha i see i took a wrong turn there placing the files under C:/program files, thanks for that cerbera. My path is with the roaming dir slightly different: C:\Users\#me#\AppData\Roaming\MAXON\MAXON Cinema 4D R21\plugins\LWcad R21 All is well here too, Go Viktor go and finish the nurb part too.
  13. As of january 4th lwcad is compatible with R21. So I downloaded lwcad 2018.31 and cannot get it to show up in c4d after copying the files to the directories the manual mentions. Dis anyone manage to get lwcad running under R21? here's the roiginal post by Viktor: Dear LWCAD Cinema 4D users. I want to inform you about the status of LWCAD Cinema 4D for 2020. LWCAD Cinema 4D is currently updated to version 2018.31 which is fully compatible with R20-R21. You can download the latest version in http://www.lwcad.com/html/download/download.php
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