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  1. RFQ for a model

    I have a design project where I need to mockup graphic designs onto an object. I am looking for anyone in this community adept in modeling and can produce a photorealistic model and render of metal and glass. If interested reading the RFQ (request for quote) please message me. I am using R13 studio and I would require the person to produce a file compatible with my version. Cheers!
  2. Easy Help - Extrude Circle - Convex Caps

    This is perfect advice. On it. Now for #2. I got the Boole function to work, but I do not know how to bend the logo perfectly on the convex surface.
  3. I am working on a simple breath mint model. I need some direction to achieve a convex surface from an extruded circle. 1. The shape is essentially a coin with a slight convex surface on both sides. The material is a chalky matte white. 2. The logo needs to be engraved into one side of the surface. I have setup the file but am stuck on applying a mesh to curve the circle cap and how to get the logo inset into one side. I have tried the fillet cap, but that method's curve is not right and too dramatic. I need ever so slight of a curve that I can adjust. Any help would be much appreciated. Mint.c4d.zip