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  1. Okay thx Arturo, i have to look at my computer when i am at home again. Cartoon-renderer is missing at my german version as you see in my picture. Perhaps there are options i have missed. But why do they should name it Cartoon and not Cel when both words aren't even german? lol...
  2. Hi Arturo, that didn't helped. With physical i have 18 choises inside "Effect...", with standard 23. With the english version i also have 18 choises inside "Effect..." possible with physical render. But with standard i get 24. In german version there is 1 missing and i think it must be the Cel Renderer. Mystic...
  3. Oh sorry, i missed to update this information. Of course i have 18.057. I will change that now. But this isn't the solution. Problem still exists. If any german member could help me would be super cool because i always ran into this problem.
  4. Hi folks, i stuck at a problem i have for a while. Everytime i want to use the cel renderer inside render options i am missing this option in the latest german version of C4D R18. I always have to switch to english and than back to german language. Is it me, am i dumb? I don't find the option "cel render" in german render options and i think it's missing as i count 23 choices in german version and 24 in english version. And: if i choose Cel Renderer in english version, save the file and open it back again inside german version, it still says "Cel Renderer" in render options and works fine as in the english version. But this couldn't be as it is missing in the german list.
  5. madmellow

    TRUE Symmetry 1.3

    Doesn't seem to work with R18. After copying it to plugin folder nothing shows up in C4D.
  6. madmellow

    Trabant two versions

    How on earth did you made the asphalt? It is so real...!! Awesome...just awesome!
  7. That is my daydream...a light version of cinema4d from MAXON for the ipad pro, to start modelling to get in the production and switch later to the desktop version for the refinements. I don't think that will ever come but MAXON could give it a try. Perhaps they are in development yet...? Who knows. ;)



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