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  1. Outstanding! I need the tutorials to all the scenes! Fantastic work! Which third-party plugins were used?
  2. madmellow

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    Why does the tennisball just disappear? That animation needs some exploding tennisball particles...
  3. Hi guys, i stumbled upon a minor question about c4d. I accidentally got these red cubes on some objects in my model and wonder what it is? Seems like a selection group indepent of real hierarchie but i never wanted any group. How get i rid of these selection cubes? I couldnt find any method or button.... Thx
  4. I heard Substance Designer and Substance Painter will be part inside Adobe Creative Cloud soon? Is there any chance this becomes true?
  5. That is my daydream...a light version of cinema4d from MAXON for the ipad pro, to start modelling to get in the production and switch later to the desktop version for the refinements. I don't think that will ever come but MAXON could give it a try. Perhaps they are in development yet...? Who knows. ;)
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