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  1. Quakers

    The sad state of e-on:Where is Forester2

    Hello Dave, The landscape is generated procedurally through a set of deformers and filters. Close up detail depends on the map resolution used. The software is not nodal. I cannot provide any more information at the moment since it's still a work in progress. We will be releasing workflow videos and tutorials as we get closer the release. As with Forester, user friendliness is a priority for us.
  2. Quakers

    The sad state of e-on:Where is Forester2

    All geometry, but the user gets the option to export heightmaps to use for displacement if required. Color maps are also exportable. Charbel
  3. Quakers

    The sad state of e-on:Where is Forester2

    Hi Bezo, Our landscape generator has a custom implementation of erosion which differs from other vendors. Here is an example.
  4. Quakers

    The sad state of e-on:Where is Forester2

    Hello Dave and all! We are working around the clock to deliver the best products possible for you guys. Forester 2 is shaping up to be a quite a substantial update, with more features than we originally intended, hence the time it's taking to complete. I still don't have a definite release date, but it is coming. The landscape generator will most likely be released around the same time, featuring custom shaders and erosion simulation. Although we are not verbal about future updates, if you check our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/3dquakers, every once in a while we release some technology preview images that hint at possible upcoming features. So yes, it is taking time, but it will be worth the wait :) Charbel
  5. Quakers

    Plugin Development - What Happened?

    As far as Forester goes, a major new version is under heavy development. There is no time frame for a release date yet, but it will be worth the wait. Charbel