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  1. Material Disappears When I Render

    Hi Guys, Just to follow up. I think I went to the materials manager and clicked a couple of the path buttons and it seems to be working now. I'd be more specific, but for some reason I can't get the materials manager window to come up again. Thanks for your help!...Ian
  2. Material Disappears When I Render

    Hi Guys, Thanks for the great tips. Gives me something to look into and both make sense. Vizn, the model is FBX... There is also a OBJ. version of it, but I haven't tired that yet. Thanks again...
  3. Hi All, I've notice this a few times. I am getting a lot of free models. On a lot of them, the materials don't seem to come through at all and on others, I can see them until I render and then they seem to disappear or go gray like this one. I know that light and reflections have something to do with it, but a lot of the time what I'm seeing doesn't make sense to me. This one goes default grey when I render. Any suggestions mucho appreciated. Thanks...Ian
  4. Sorry if this is sort of a duplicate post. I think that I deleted the last one. I was having some issues with the propeller housings on this model. So I thought I'd be clever and make some new one, but these almost mirror-like shadows are being retained from the old ones that I deleted , and I only see them when it's rendered. I don't know where or how to find them. I've been through all the files more than once.. And since I can only see it on render I can't select it so I can do something about it. Any help would be Happy Saturday appreciated. Thanks...Ian
  5. How to Remove These Lines ?

    I get now. I starting thinking why are there so many lines and then your comment made sense. Just on the cameras, right? I was doing it on the cloner and the models. Don't really know how those cameras got in there to begin with. Thanks, again!
  6. How to Remove These Lines ?

    PS. These are cloned images with a random effector. Don't know if that makes a difference... Thanks...
  7. How to Remove These Lines ?

    Hi Guys, Thanks for the responses. I tried this "Disable camera´s objects for viewport (top semafor dot must be red)" and it just seemed to get rid of everything. Tried a few ways. There's no global remove guides (or what ever these are called)? That would be a lot more useful I would think that removing the grid which I found. And this worked, "Yes. With your mouse over the viewport, hit s." but it moves the camera position. I was hoping to get it to hop to the object, rather than the camera hoping to it. Anything? And certainly, being new to this, I am aware that I am poetentiallly missing some understainging of functionality that would make things more understandable. Thanks again. Much appreciated.
  8. Hey All, I starting trying some of the Mograph stuff (what kind of an Irish name is that?) and I am getting so many lines that I'm practically flying blind over here1 I found the view tab and the filters tab and can get rid of some of them, but still have a bunch of what look like camera guides or something. And while I'm here, is there a way to bring your move and rotate tools into view without having to zoom out to find them? Thanks for your help. This forum helped me out a great deal the other day and I appreciate it. Cheers...Ian
  9. Extrude Tool Needs Second Step ?

    Hey Cerbera, Spot on! Thank you! It's always the smallest of things, isn't i? Really appreciate the guidence. Cheers...Ian
  10. Hi Guys, I believe this is my first post here. Nothing life threatening. It just seems that when I use the EXTRUDE TOOL that I seems to need to do two steps to make it work and all the tutorials I have looked at only seem to need one. For instance. I take an object like a cube, and make it editable, rotate one of the sides, hit D for the EXTRUDE TOOL and when I try to EXTRUDE it, it doesn't work, it just starts stretching the polygons in the direction that I'm pulling. So then I go to the TOOL TAB and hit APPLY or NEW TRANSFORMATION and then I can EXTRUDE. I believe that when I first started using it that I didn't have to do that. And like I said, all the videos I've seen don't show that second step. I have tried to follow a video on RESETTING TOOLS, but id didn't help. I think that it was more for resetting the work space. Like I said, not earth shattering. I can work around it, but it doesn't seem as though this is how it is supposed to work and this program seems very stable to me, so I am sure there is something that isn't set right. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Cheers...Ian