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  1. Is there a way to have an object that you could use to reflect into your Beckmann Material object, but be invisible in the render? In other words just use it for it's colors and shapes, but not get in the way for your camera, so that it would reflect right into it, but be invisible to the camera for other that the reflection. Sort of like how you can get rid of the floor, but still get the shadow. Sorry if that's confusing. I don't see anything, but you never know. Thanks guys. Cheers...
  2. Your model was rendering the same way that mine was, where the object with the reflector would just go black. I played around with it a little more and I get it now. One of the problems that I was having is moving the object to try to see the reflection, but if you don't have the lights in the right place then the oject won't be lit and won't reflect. Thanks again...
  3. I really wanted to get a real mirrored refection. Too bad. Thanks for the response. I really appreciate i.
  4. Hi Guys, I've watched a lot of tutorials, but I can't seem to figure this out. I like the idea of using the Beckmann or similar reflection options at pure strength, if you will. Meaning, I turn the reflection all the way up and the roughness pretty much all the way down, so in the preview you have a mirrored ball. But in my reality, it doesn't seem to work this way. It just seems to render nothing. I understand that it's a mirror, so mirroring blackness would create blackness, but even when I put an object right in front of it, nothing seems to happen. The last test I tried was with two cubes. One with the a Beckmann reflection as I described and the other turned about forty five degrees with one side blue and the other red, both lit by two different sources and almost touching, I get nothing. Doesn't make any logical sense to me, but I don't seem to find tutorials that talk about this and the preview of a mirrored ball seems kind of misleading to me at this point. Am I doing something wrong or is this a limitation of the program? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks again...Ian
  5. Hi Guys, Just to follow up. I think I went to the materials manager and clicked a couple of the path buttons and it seems to be working now. I'd be more specific, but for some reason I can't get the materials manager window to come up again. Thanks for your help!...Ian
  6. Hi Guys, Thanks for the great tips. Gives me something to look into and both make sense. Vizn, the model is FBX... There is also a OBJ. version of it, but I haven't tired that yet. Thanks again...
  7. Hi All, I've notice this a few times. I am getting a lot of free models. On a lot of them, the materials don't seem to come through at all and on others, I can see them until I render and then they seem to disappear or go gray like this one. I know that light and reflections have something to do with it, but a lot of the time what I'm seeing doesn't make sense to me. This one goes default grey when I render. Any suggestions mucho appreciated. Thanks...Ian
  8. Sorry if this is sort of a duplicate post. I think that I deleted the last one. I was having some issues with the propeller housings on this model. So I thought I'd be clever and make some new one, but these almost mirror-like shadows are being retained from the old ones that I deleted , and I only see them when it's rendered. I don't know where or how to find them. I've been through all the files more than once.. And since I can only see it on render I can't select it so I can do something about it. Any help would be Happy Saturday appreciated. Thanks...Ian
  9. I get now. I starting thinking why are there so many lines and then your comment made sense. Just on the cameras, right? I was doing it on the cloner and the models. Don't really know how those cameras got in there to begin with. Thanks, again!
  10. PS. These are cloned images with a random effector. Don't know if that makes a difference... Thanks...
  11. Hi Guys, Thanks for the responses. I tried this "Disable camera´s objects for viewport (top semafor dot must be red)" and it just seemed to get rid of everything. Tried a few ways. There's no global remove guides (or what ever these are called)? That would be a lot more useful I would think that removing the grid which I found. And this worked, "Yes. With your mouse over the viewport, hit s." but it moves the camera position. I was hoping to get it to hop to the object, rather than the camera hoping to it. Anything? And certainly, being new to this, I am aware that I am poetentiallly missing some understainging of functionality that would make things more understandable. Thanks again. Much appreciated.
  12. Hey All, I starting trying some of the Mograph stuff (what kind of an Irish name is that?) and I am getting so many lines that I'm practically flying blind over here1 I found the view tab and the filters tab and can get rid of some of them, but still have a bunch of what look like camera guides or something. And while I'm here, is there a way to bring your move and rotate tools into view without having to zoom out to find them? Thanks for your help. This forum helped me out a great deal the other day and I appreciate it. Cheers...Ian
  13. Hey Cerbera, Spot on! Thank you! It's always the smallest of things, isn't i? Really appreciate the guidence. Cheers...Ian
  14. Hi Guys, I believe this is my first post here. Nothing life threatening. It just seems that when I use the EXTRUDE TOOL that I seems to need to do two steps to make it work and all the tutorials I have looked at only seem to need one. For instance. I take an object like a cube, and make it editable, rotate one of the sides, hit D for the EXTRUDE TOOL and when I try to EXTRUDE it, it doesn't work, it just starts stretching the polygons in the direction that I'm pulling. So then I go to the TOOL TAB and hit APPLY or NEW TRANSFORMATION and then I can EXTRUDE. I believe that when I first started using it that I didn't have to do that. And like I said, all the videos I've seen don't show that second step. I have tried to follow a video on RESETTING TOOLS, but id didn't help. I think that it was more for resetting the work space. Like I said, not earth shattering. I can work around it, but it doesn't seem as though this is how it is supposed to work and this program seems very stable to me, so I am sure there is something that isn't set right. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Cheers...Ian
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