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  1. Thank you dezo, sure i'll , i am trying to learn everything about zbrush to c4d workflow and everything is going well .
  2. Hi, I've stopped designing since 2009 and now i come back after 8 years of being away and I am really blown away by the changes/progress! I feel too lazy to do anything even though i purchased a new machine / AMD tr 1950x / 32Gb ram .... so i don't understand how to motivate myself :( well, maybe i must share some of my work even if it incomplete , I will update the topic if I make any progress or any test . sorry for my english Here some of my tests i did on last week, i spend most of my time trying to recover my skills Zbrush & C4D / physical render C4D - vray short animation with no story C4d - physical render
  3. Thank you Havealot Yes that's what i'm looking for, i've seen this video some day ago , but it didn't work for me , maybe that because i don't understant field system enough, after Point Cache step i was not able to add time offset by using mograph effector, i hope if there another video for same purpose but as quick tips.
  4. Hi is there a way to add time offset to mograph/cloner + 1 alembic object i mean if i make animation for un object then i bake it as alembic then i want to use mograph / cloner whit different time offset , that's not possible because alembic object have no keyframe so what i can do for this issue ?
  5. Worked like a charm http://prntscr.com/lfvzyw Thank you so much Fastbee
  6. Thank you again Fastbee http://prntscr.com/lfpj0i i tried to use all Mitering options but nothing helps.
  7. Thank you Fastbee That what happend when i triangulate the back side http://prntscr.com/lfpaz9 Generally bevel tool do not work well when the mesh have a many edges in the corners i'll send my issue to MAXON, thank you again
  8. Hi i can't get outside bevel on 2 side always i get reverse bevel on the back side
  9. Thanks for sharing, what about the middle east ? no chance ?
  10. Hi thanulee, Are you using octane render engine Or C4D standard renderer ? because your scene have an octane render setting with standard C4D material....
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