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  1. Pro render is not Real time engine
  2. Yes it's just amazing i tried to learn blender just for this feature but blender have stupid shurtcuts and ugly ui
  3. Yes i've seen U-render before but i hope if MAXON do the same "built-in RealTime engine to be fully compatible
  4. We need somthing like Eevee RealTime render engine in Cinema 4D Do you agree?
  5. Hi How i can Edit or baking "before / after " keyframe https://prnt.sc/jujybb is there any ways to get curve keyframe ? As you know if i use "Bake object" i'll get a lot keyframes, soooo it's hard to editable i know i can copy and paste the keyframe without using "before / after " but i'm looking for easy and faster way to do that
  6. Hi guys my pc specs i7 3770 MB L amd mpower z77 Ram 16GB 1600mhz GPU : 980ti gigabyte PS : 650w bronze thermaltake Case: corsair 600t i planning to upgrade my pc I am very interested for Render time Which is the best ! upgrade my CPU to AMD 1950x with new MB & RAM ,,,, or Purchase an additional graphics card "SLI" ? i don't know what's the better for C4D R19 more CPU core's or GPU I usually use physecal render , maybe AMD ProRender engine in C4D r19 and if i upgrade my CPU / motherboard / memory card That will cost me a lot more , So, what is the best deal for me sorry for my english
  7. You can use Edge cut tool for that