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  1. Hi Guys, TLDR; how to swap an instance of a crappy mesh, for a better one easily, and can I port the sizes and PSR info of the old mesh to the new one? I frequently work with building models that are made in archicad, imported into C4D, and then I have to go through a sequence of detriangulation, optimisation, and then a big part of it is replacing the Archicad Windows with some nicer higher detailed windows we have in Cinema. after that we start to add all the details. My question is, does anyone have any suggestions on where I might look to automate the first steps of this process? I hzve some of the windows pre rigged in symmetry objects, and if I can automate replacing the Achicad windows with perhaps a null, or an instance, that alone would save me hours of predictable work. Thanks!
  2. Thanks a bunch Jed, That is super Helpful. I appreciate that.
  3. I am trying to make an animation of how a bullet flies over 100m. I set up the scene, and put down distance markers, and imported a free rifle model. I made a bullet object, and set it dynamic, and it does what I expect it to, except, it does not go nearly as fast as it should. I understand that this size bullet goes around 900 or so m/s, but I cannot for the life of me make this thing go any faster than 400m/s. I have setup motext objects above the bullet to show live data on distance traveled, speed, and drop. did I configure something wrong, or is there some speed limit in c4d R14 that I did not know about? any suggestions anyone? https://1drv.ms/u/s!AlvHpe2TL1YBg4AWG2rsUzLPLpNTZg the file is bigger than the maximum upload size, so I attached it from onedrive.