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  1. Hi So I found out that I can use material override to put a beckman reflectance channel over all of my materials (100+). So what I did is I made a new material, unchecked everything but reflectance and added a beckman to it. Then I enabled material override and placed the material I just made in the material override custom material. This worked as I thought it would, it covered all the hundred materials of my project with a beckman reflection channel, but, everything was black. I don't know how to show all the materials underneath the beckman reflectance channel I just made. I put some screenshots for a small idea of what I'm aiming for here:
  2. I have a big city-like object that has well over 500 materials. I want to put a reflection channel on half of the materials that I have selected, doing that works fine, but... I also need to add a beckman or phong reflection to all those materials I selected, but doing this simultaneously doesn't work. Adding the reflection channel to the selected materials works fine and just how I wanted, but I really need to edit the reflections on all of them at once. I don't have the time or patience to select one by one and edit one by one material. Thanks in Advance -Rob
  3. If I open the corrupt file, windows media player says "File is corrupt or cannot play video". If I put the corrupt file into after effects it works fine and opens it. BUT Only the last half of the video is there... Where is the rest? I'm very confused because it gave me a small thumbnail of the frame it was rendering, and I saw it rendering the whole thing. Start to finish. Where is the start?! Next time I do things like this I will make sure its done in an image format. I don't have much space on my pc but I can take care of that for the image format.
  4. I have been waiting patiently for this 30 second video to render. Finally after 46 hours of rendering over 2 nights, the video was complete. (was using physical render and rendered at 120 fps) I was relieved that it was finally finished, and opened it proud of my self... "File is corrupted or cannot be played". GREAT Does anyone know the reason for this? The video was 30 seconds long, a simple animation with slow camera movements. I really really badly don't want to render this again and am hoping I can restore the file. I'm very upset!
  5. Displacement not Working

    nope, that doesn't work sadly. displacement isn't showing up at all as a material effect. all the other effects are showing but displacement. Look at the files I attached it will explain it easier
  6. Displacement not Working

    I don't think you quite understand, I know that versions R13 and above don't show displacement in viewport. Displacement is not working in general. If I hit render, or I use an interactive render region, displacement will not show. Displacement isn't even showing up as a channel in the material editor editor (as shown in the screenshots above)
  7. I am testing out some simple ideas and am wanting to test out the displacement channel in the material editor. I heard cool things about the displacement effect and I have good ideas, but the displacement won't show up when I render, or in the normal editor mode... I checked in the editor channel just below the displacement channel to see if displacement was actually visible or not, turns out displacement wasn't actually even in there. Reflections, bump, diffusion, transparency and all the other channels were in there and checked visible, but displacement wasn't even in the editor channel :( ???? I hope this makes sense. I've attached some photos of where i'm looking just incase. Please help me as fast as you can!
  8. I'm fairly new to C4D and i've had this problem for a long time and could never fix it. My friend is sending me objects with animations and I merge them into my project, I drag the objects to the camera and scale them up to a good size. Moving the object doesn't effect the object, but scaling will deform it and make it look really weird... Is there any way I can prevent this? Is there I setting I have on that I shouldn't have on? Please help me! Thanks in advance - Rob