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  1. Hello everyone! Thought this would be a good place for professional feedback. I released Fun With Ragdolls 3 about 8 months ago and it gained a LOT of attraction extremely fast. I wanted to make a 4th in the series that was better than the last, this time though, I had to do what I had done, but a LOT better. Not going to lie, I'm a little nervous, haha! From a storytelling perspective I think it'd be cool to hint more of a storyline in another one. What do you guys think of this 4th one? All feedback is much appreciated! Thanks for taking the time and I hope you all enjoy it! (Also, is the thumbnail a good choice? Thanks)
  2. Used Arnold to render. Was gonna use per material only with physical but it seemed slower than arnold.
  3. Cool storyline! :D Also, I love the voice acting! Guy did a great job! How long is the film?
  4. Man, thank you so much. This really made my day. I can't even... wow haha! Means a lot! The only places I've really shared it are twitter, instagram, personal facebook and a few friends. I emailed MAXON hopefully they'll see it. I hope they enjoyed it as much as you did! haha. Just a lil fun fact, I was gonna actually put a tilting city. Everything was created to scale, so it was a pretty big scene. thousands of buildings with lil details in the catwalks too. Ragdolls going crazy, cars sliding, etc. But the hallway took up most of the time I had available in the edit so i just never rendered the city bit. Also, I might be putting out a behind the scenes. I also recorded myself screaming in a microphone in the closet for the voices haha! Are there any topics you'd like me to touch on for the making of video? Thanks again! Can't even describe how much this made my day haha!
  5. Finished a new video! Tried to make the most cinematic ragdoll video on YouTube! Let me know what you all think. I'd love to hear it!
  6. So, I'm currently working on some projects at the moment and if any of you would be willing to complete this short survey to help me understand aspects of these markets better, that'd be super helpful for everyone involved! Thanks so much! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeMkEswmlzlMK7nmo647dC_aE6PsMNRFSpJhjD0I1T-pqXYNQ/viewform?usp=sf_link
  7. Absolutely NOT discouraging at all! You're input is very valuable, and you've brought up great points I'd like to address in the product. After all, I want to make something that's useful for artists, and what better way to achieve that then to get the artist's input! Thanks for taking the time! As far as the displacement question goes, I'll work on both the displacement and bump tabs, that way the user can just turn one off in use of the other. I was still curious how many actually use the bump parallax.
  8. Hello! This is my first post on c4d cafe! That aside, I've been working hard to make a new texture pack for cg artists to use in their works to help speed up their workflow. Some stats include: 1,000 textures 4K Normals, Bump, Specular, Diffuse, and AO. Seamlessly tiled All materials are ready to go and made as accurately as physically possible. Here are some examples of 2 early versions just to give you an idea of quality. I realize this isn't nearly enough evidence for a texture package with 1,000+ materials, but this is just to generally show quality. Right now I'm at 30 finalized materials, but would like to do a little more market research before I continue. That all said, I've got a few questions I'd like to ask so that I can make a product that makes people in the community happy to use on the daily. Is 4k enough? Do you generally use 2K, 4K, 8K or another resolution? How often do you use textures from third parties, rather than make your own? Most of the time, do you use displacement or parallax bump? Why? Do you prefer having multiple (max 3) of the same material just to have variation? Or do you like just have multiple of different types (no two being the same)? Example: 3 Materials of the same type of grass, yet 3 different pictures from different areas of the grass. Do you prefer close ups or more distant images of textures. The texture pack will include both for many materials, but I'd still like to get your opinions on how much I should dedicate towards the matter. What textures would you like to see more of that may or may not lack in most texture packages you see/own now? If there are any notes you'd like to add that are not asked above please feel free to let me know! Thank you so much if you take the time to answer these, it would really help me out.



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