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  1. Good evening all, I am currently working on a piece that involves a companies logo travelling down a conveyor belt which then at the end eventually gets picked up by a robotic arm to then be transferred over onto another conveyor belt. The issue I am facing is that I am using the constraint tag with PSR and two nulls to pickup the object, (one null on the extrude object which is the logo, the other on the claws of the robot arm) although once the robot arm picks the object up and spins, moves or generally does anything the object will stay in the new position with the robot arm for a few seconds and then it snaps back to the state of the initial null. This is probably a fairly simple hierarchy issue but after racking my brain, I am none the wiser. Thank you as always.
  2. Morning all, As always I hope that we are all well and that 2018 is treating you great so far, if this question is very simple and newbieish I do apologise in advance but we all need great mentors to progress so I'll ask away. I am currently working on a personal project to create a stadium like environment, but I have hit a snag when it comes to me wanting curved steps and curved glass. I know what I want in my head, and I thought that I could do it, but after multiple failed attempts and a lot of head scratching I thought I'd come here. If it is also possible, could the steps and glass be curved and aligned to a spline at the same time in order to get the desired curvature of my ice 'arena?' Thanks, A
  3. I did your great suggestion to use split in order to separate the top and bottom and make the band its own object. This is very rough at the minute and I shall be refining it further, although it is slowly but surely getting there. Thanks for such speedy and helpful suggestions as always.
  4. Complete rookie error, I have now applied the update, apologies about having misleading information on my profile it won't happen again
  5. Afternoon all, I hope that you aren't stuck in tonight and you are all going to have a great New Years Eve. Thank you once again for some more great suggestions on my issue. I have provided some screenshots of what I am currently dealing with and here's a brief explanation. I have decided to use a sphere object to create the whole puck rather than just creating the embossed surface on a band that I'd later wrap around a spherical object at a later point. If you don't think my method will work then I'd love to get your input before I progress any further, although one issue I think I am going to come across sooner rather than later is the actual embossing method. On an actual ice hockey puck the diamond weave is a very close nit mesh which is what I am attempting to do in my screenshots bellow, although I don't know if C4D won't be able to create my desired look due to having too many segments.
  6. Hello, I hope you are all doing well and are ready for New Years Eve this evening. I am now back at my machine and all went smoothly until step 5, the whole part of inner extruding and then inverting the selection is somehow going over my head as everything I am trying to do at this point is going drastically wrong. If you care to reiterate further, I'd love to get your help on this. Thanks, Alex
  7. Good afternoon to you both, Thank you for such speedy and insightful responses, from reading each of your replies I believe they will give me the exact desired results I am looking for. Unfortunately, I am away from my C4D machine until at least Saturday so once I am back I will give you both a much fuller response with hopefully a few different renders of my attempts. Thanks again - Alex
  8. Good afternoon all, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you out there. Today I am just looking for some creative input in regards to either modelling/texturing the edge of the ice hockey puck like you see below. Ideally, I want it to have the depth and field like a real puck which is why I think texturing isn't the way forward, although I am trying to think of the fastest way to make the lines and shapes uninformed. I am going to do some tests throughout the day, although if anybody else has any further suggestions I would love to get your input. Thanks - Alex
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