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  1. R19 / Redshift - Should I Upgrade?

    I'm sorry if this has been discussed, I did do a search but have found limited information. I'm currently running R18 w/ Redshift and the experience is... well you all know the good and the bad. So my question is, do I alter the workflow and upgrade or sit tight? I'm more concerned about keeping things copacetic in the face of a major upgrade than I am in a native renderer that's half baked. On that front, do they fix enough issues/implement enough new features to get a guy like me to upgrade? I run a core i7 6700k w/ a Nvidia GeForce 1080 GTX if that's relevant.
  2. Awesome, thanks for the help. Rendering out the back end of the sequence over night, I saw 9:26 per frame which isn't exactly speedy but a heck of a lot faster than 30+ minutes. Honestly, I'm impressed how quickly I was able to get off and creating with the program, but I'm a little shocked at how easily the renderer bogs down with minimal texture and polygonal counts. Even with all that I have checked on I just would have assumed this simple sequence no matter how much I threw at it, would be minimal due to the fact that there's only 3 items visible, one of them very basic. I snagged that Octane demo but didn't pony up as I didn't have time to really figure it out under my deadline but is that renderer better for these types of projects? I see myself doing a lot of these little character animations for my clients in C4D since I'm already doing them in After Effects as long as I can get the rendering workflow to a reasonable and predictable time. Oh I forgot to mention, I had to use adaptive / automatic / 3% to get rid of enough noise to be tolerable, is that still insanely high? Is this because I single-source lighted my scene objects and it's struggling to do produce these low level shadows and reflections?
  3. Let's pretend for a minute that I didn't model the Tortoise and am just familiar with animation programs and was able to pull this off and it really is the first time I ever opened the program :). Are there any disadvantages to how it's mapped now or did whomever create it just go about it in a weird way? Thanks for the tips on the renderer, going to try them out. You mean just the motion blur right and not the DOF? Would really hate to lose the DOF, hard to get a true depth effect otherwise I feel.
  4. I have the Octane engine installed but the project isn't making use of it, I just checked the file and it's using the Physical renderer.
  5. Hi all, Thanks for taking a peak! This is my first C4D project, a client asked me to make a tortoise "look more real" so this was my solution. I got everything looking just how I want it but now I'm running into render issues. The attached frame took over 30 minutes to render (Core i7 6700k w/ 16GB Ram w/ 1080i). Is there anything I can do to optimize it for rendering but still have it look similar? Also, being my first project, feel free to critique any of my methods as I need to learn! Thanks! Project Files: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxhjbNsXsdA9VXJEQ2dKZ3BUd1U/view?usp=sharing This is the AE sequence I'll eventually lay over that middle stationary section: Password: Guinness -Bee