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  1. Heya Cerb, It's a pretty basic chain that I'd be using on a video game model for an animation. My problem is that whenever the model moves it has a tendency to cut into their body. I could probably individually animate the links in the chain themselves but I was hoping that there'd be a less tedious method.
  2. Hey all! I was wondering if anybody had a good suggestion for a tutorial that would help me make a necklace that rests against the skin of a model that I had created. I checked out a few on youtube but some of them were pretty old. The one that I followed turned out to be a tutorial on how to animate a chain model to sway and look as though it were real, which ultimately wasn't what I was looking for. Thanks!
  3. Ambiguous

    Outline Glow Effect?

    So one of my favorite things that WoW has done with the release of Legion has been this glow effect outline that they've applied to a lot of the models and items in the game. Most noticeably around the fingers and hooves of the tauren in the picture here. Unfortunately, this doesn't import properly when the model is extracted from the game and I have been trying to replicate it. A friend of mine had suggested using a Frensel texture under the Environment setting of the model but that creates an inner glow effect as opposed to an outer one. It also tends to spread out over various parts of the models body instead of remaining focused in specific areas like the hands or feet. I don't suppose that anybody has any tips or suggestions as to how this look might be achieved?
  4. Hey Cerbera, It's not just one file. This error seemed to persist across all of my projects. I ended up doing a fresh installation. Whenever I'd try to reload my old preferences the error would return. I ended up just setting up my preferences and layout as best as I could remember and now the problem is gone. Wish I knew what I did the first time to cause this error. I can't even tell you how many times I've unknowingly hit a button on my keyboard and then spent hours trying to figure out why something stopped working. Haha.
  5. I don't know if this is something breaking or me hitting on of the billion hotkeys in C4D... but all of a sudden I'm unable to apply textures to selected areas while in polygon mode. I get a red circle with a line through it. And if it was a hotkey I have absolutely no clue what setting I need to change in order to swap it back. Is anyone else having this problem or is it something that I did?
  6. Ambiguous

    Triangular / Quad Mesh

    Is there an easier method to quadrify a triangular mesh in C4D on a video game model? The only way that I've seen so far has been to manually select lines in the mesh, dissolve them, and then create new ones with the knife. Which can be a tedious task. In a lot of situations it has a tendency to break the weights between the models mesh and joints. I feel like there has to be another way than the one that I described... I just can't seem to find it or figure it out.