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  1. Just realized this is an issue with the latest version of Octane (4.01.1). No such problem with 4.00.
  2. I've returned to this problem, only now its a bit different. While rendering with octane, it renders normally until it stops at some frame (varies depending on scene), calculates the frame for a long time, and when I'm trying to stop the render, c4d freezes. Deleting preference folder didn't work. This happens with extremely simple scenes and early in the sequence (frame 40, sometimes frame 90, sometimes can't render even 3 frames without freeze). Really need help with this one as its impossible to work with r19 like this. Thanks!
  3. Just tried opening the same c4d files with R18.057, works perfectly, so might be R19 issue? Also in R19.053 I'm getting weird rendering time instabilities with octane, a simple scene with one object rotating, and the frame render times jumping from 1 second to 30 seconds to 55 seconds every other frame, also freezing the PC in the process. Again, this doesn't happen with R18.
  4. Hi everyone, Lately I'm getting PC freezes of 10-15s when opening and closing latest version of C4D studio (R19.053). One time when closing c4d, the PC froze completely and had to be reset. Anyone else experiencing this?



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