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  1. rendering is weird

    didnt help
  2. rendering is weird

    o ok let me try that
  3. rendering is weird

    ok thanks for trying
  4. rendering is weird

    it's just normal
  5. rendering is weird

    i tried rendering an animation and frames were missing but are still on the history. it happens when i hit a certain frame but i dont know which one https://gyazo.com/24cb75a41041932eb6d24e0de8ab3b75 <--- that shows the history. https://gyazo.com/8d884e309208fd8ab94f1af76fdb716b and that happens i dunno if thats normal or what
  6. https://gyazo.com/f344e7cbae9912a697e46bda842ab40c i accidently closed it so how do i get it back
  7. Rotating not working properly

    thank you
  8. the rotation things arent in the right place and when i try to rotate it just goes up and down or left and right https://gyazo.com/6dd4bc4884860a9ab5b6fcbf372d099b