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  1. Arnold bump

    Hi guys I've started playing with arnold render and can not create bump :/ do not know what am i doing wrong, here is said that i have to just connect standart surface with bump 2d, but it appears that in menu does not exist 'shader' icon, instead of this there is 'normal' , but its even not possible to connect it here, button is grey :( added screenshots to explain it better I am using downloaded from official web site free trial for cinema r18 mac os Would appreciate any help!
  2. Optimize spline

    @bezo, @ABMotion thank you so much guys!! Thats what i was looking for, you saved me huge amount of time!
  3. Optimize spline

    Yeap, i attached file here (if i understood correctly) Spline ask.c4d
  4. Optimize spline

    Hey everyone! I imported an object from sketchup and need remodel curve-shaped object cause geometry is not perfect, so i made a spline from edge and it has a lot of points. (i wanna make it perfect and then extrude it) Does everyone know how i could optimise it? Kind of divide it to indentical segments with smooth points I would appreciate any help
  5. Render region in Maxwell

    Hey guys, I need to render region in maxwell (with maxwell region tag) but faced with a problem - in some cameras it works perfectly but it some does not :( Seems that it does not work with cameras with viewport clipping and i can not find way to solve it. I need to render couple of regions of object sections (image resolution is high and it will take huge amount of time if i will render every part like whole image) So i have a question, maybe someone have already faced this problem? Or understand how this region tag could work. I would appreciate any help, thanks
  6. making moulding

    Oh it was so easy thank you so much! i just did not think about this button :)
  7. making moulding

    thank you for your reply, but i cannot find anything like enabling axis button in here. Where it has to be located? I was searching under sweep parameters. Could you explain a bit more?
  8. making moulding

    Hey guys, I started making cornice (moulding) for building and faced the problem that can not regulate profile orientation of this :( I did a profile and did a path to put this profile but it worked really weird (i attached a pictures) Can anybody help me to solve this problem? I would appreciate any help :)
  9. maxwell grass

    It works!! Thank you so much! :)
  10. maxwell grass

    thank you, I will try ! i thought that it have to be only procedural maps :)
  11. maxwell grass

    yes, sure I wanna make gradient from root to tip and also surface gradient, like here
  12. maxwell grass

    Hey guys I was trying to make maxwell grass in cinema at the first time and faced the problem that there are not procedural maps in maxwell material editor. In nextlimit support is saying that for making gradients colors have to be used gradient procedural maps but i totally can not find them :( Does anybody know how to solve this problem? I'm pretty sure that here has to be a simple solution but can not find it I would appreciate any help
  13. making clones dissapear

    it really works! Guys, thank you so much, it saved me a lot of time
  14. making clones dissapear

    thanks for your reply, it's realy weird, it seems that cloner does not work as a child of subdivision. I though problem in displaying in viewport and tried to render, but all the same.
  15. making clones dissapear

    hi everyone does enyone now how to make some clones dissapear? I've looked throw a couple tutorial whith using mograph selection and plain effector, but this does not work if i have subdivision surfaces inside cloner.