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  1. Brixtonck

    Liquid Bubbles using Boole tool

    Thanks @Cerbera and @Abmotion! I figured that the boole was messing up the oil fluid's geometry with a simple test sphere because the objects kept disappearing entirely :/ I'll definitely try those recommendations!
  2. Hi from Italy! First of all, I want to say thank you in advance! This community is such a big help to beginners. I'm trying to make fluid inside of an oil dropper. I've made the oil fluid shape here (same shape as the dropper but slightly smaller to fit inside of the glass). I thought I could use the boole tool to subtract small ovals to replicate the blue fluid surface with bubbles (in the picture attached) but I can't seem to get it to work. I'm doing a test with one basic sphere to see if I can subtract it from the oil fluid shape I created but won't work no matter which order I place the objects. I'm wondering if it is because the fluid is a more complicated editable object. Is there a better way to achieve this effect? Thanks so much!!!
  3. Brixtonck

    Deforming a plane

    Thank you 3DKiwi!!
  4. Brixtonck

    Deforming a plane

    I realize that this is probably a simple question that I'm over thinking but I'm a new user. I've been trying to deform a plane to wave to make a poster mockup like the picture I've attached. I've tried using multiple bend deformers to achieve this look but I feel like their is a simpler way to add smooth curvature. I'd really appreciate any advice/help!!!