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  1. How to learn design hard surface models?

    Thank you all for your help and advice! A lot of lessons to watch and a lot of practice to do :-) Learning and creating something new is really hard and it's great to feel support from more experienced people. Thank you again!
  2. How to learn design hard surface models?

    Thank you for your answer! Some very interesting tutorials! I am looking for more hard surface design principles rather then polygonal modelling fundamentals. Also I'm not understand the process of implementation the design into model very well. Tutorials never contain research phase, only guiding steps. Modelers in lessons often use sketches for models. Is it real to model and design at the same time? Or do I need learn to draw and prepare sketches before?
  3. Hello! I have a problem creating my own hard surface models - especially spaceships and robots. Even simple and lowpoly. I can follow tutorials, but when I start to make my own stuff it goes terribly. How can I learn design and model spaceships and robots in C4D? Are there any lessons or courses maybe? What can you recommend?
  4. Unfortunately, Proximal consider only center of object (or edges for editables) but not intersection square.
  5. Hello! There is any way i can control position of hair or mograph clones by light source? For example I want hair growth only on light faces, but not in shadows. I tried to do it with Cel Shader in Hair density and in Hair length, but this way doesn't count light. Second question - there is any easy way to falloff hair like mograph clones? Thanks for help!