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  1. @bezothank you! I will have a look at this
  2. Thanks! Just edited the post so that you can see my scene file
  3. Hi, I've seen this topic examined elsewhere, but without any conclusion. Apologies if it's already been solved. So before R20, when you were doing weighting on your mesh, you could do it through painting, or if you're looking to save time you could do it with falloffs. This was a great addition because although I'm aware that a painted mesh will be more accurate, falloffs are much more practical in some situations, or for generating a basic weight setup. However, with the release of R20 and the new field workflows, the weight falloff technique seems to be broken. What I mean is that you can still use falloffs to dictate bone influence on a mesh, but because it's now done through fields, the weight isn't baked into the mesh any more. What you end up with is a field parented to each bone, which is very cumbersome and can't be exported in an FBX fo rexample. I've seen people online say "just take the time and paint your mesh" which is fine, but it doesn't answer my question, which is this: has the introduction of fields in R20 permanently broken field/envelope falloff in C4D, or is there a way around it? Also, if we're just meant to leave the fields in there, then it's extremely messy as your scene will end up with a ton of fields that need to be named appropriately for your joints etc.... Very tiresome. I can't attach the scene file because it's too big, but let me know if you want screencaps and I'll upload *EDIT* File here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XGqe9ObGweXBYg2xKNPNgg6O0XOYxi_T/view?usp=sharing Thanks
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