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  1. GPU driver is the most recent one available- The GPU is an NVIDIA Quadro K1200. If it helps, I'm running WIndows 10 Build 16215. I'm using a Delux M618XU mouse- Which is a simple plug and play mouse, effectively. I use one with my home workstation and never encounter any issues with it, and used it frequently in Cinema4D on the currently effected workstation with no issue before the issue in question arose, which only happened after a Windows Update. Before this update, I was able to right click on the material preview and it would bring up the context menu without problem.
  2. Hi, Since the last Windows 10 Update was installed on my computer, i've been faced with a couple quite annoying issues in Cinema4D. The biggest being whenever I attempt to interact with the Position/Zoom/Rotation buttons in a Viewport, the viewport just... "goes berserk," for lack of a better phrase. This is hard to describe, so here's a GIF of this occurring; I'll select either the position, zoom, or rotation button, and hold down my mouse button to interact with the selected variable, as you'll see, and immediately after doing so my perspective gets entirely screwed up. The second issue, which I believe is related, is that I cannot right click on material previews in either the Attributes pane or the Material Editor to bring up the Contextual Menu associated with this element; It appears that whenever I right click on the preview, the software thinks that I am actually holding down the right mouse button to change the position of the Material Preview, as opposed to right clicking it once to bring up the contextual menu, as I am actually doing. Here's a GIF of this happening. Has anyone ever experienced either of these issues? Anyone know how to resolve them? Any help is appreciated! My apologies if this post is in contradiction of any forum guidelines or if I am posting in the wrong place; I am new here :)