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  1. Hmm 30, 30, 30 comes in at 27000... probably a little ambitious.
  2. Thanks for that, though I noticed the cloner count has been dropped to 10, 10, 10 in your scene. Mine was set to 30, 30, 30 (though I had a display tag to limit this). I will have a play with the inheritance effector and see if I can get it to work.
  3. Hi HSrdelic multi instances mode breaks the dynamics. I tried using a low mesh proxy, but it didn't help. Scene file attached. Thanks fall_stripped.c4d
  4. I am trying to create a pile of leaves. These need to be dynamic and have self collision so they don't intersect. I have managed to set the behaviour of a few leaves using low quantity of clones which drop on to a floor object. The problem comes when I increase the number of clones to any decent quantity. I need to let them settle so that I can set the Initial State but C4D basically locks up as my CPU can't handle it. So, how do I get to save an initial state when I can't play the timeline? FYI the leaves are a mesh with 14 polys and with soft body dynamics on as I want them to flex.
  5. It's already set to as guides. Scene file attached. Hair_Tentacle.c4d.zip
  6. I have created a tentacle using the Generate - Type - Circle option on a hair object and used to Thickness options on the hair material to get the shape I wanted. All is good in the viewport, but when I render the tentacle becomes a fuzz ball. I can sopt the hair by disabling the Sub D, but then I don't have the desired mesh smoothing. Is there a way I can render the single hair that is my tentacle, but not render any other hairs (whilst under a sub d)?
  7. Thanks for the reply Cerbera, but I have spent the last hour experimenting with the object size and the setting (including metaball tag) but all I end up with is a ferroro roche or a sphere of partially melted maltessers. There appears to be no setting combination that will retain any kind of definition. Ideally I want the displaced mesh to not deform at all until it comes in contact with another mesh. I guess I need the meta part, but not the balls :)
  8. I am trying to create something relatively simple, yet I cannot get the desired results. I have 2 spheres each with a displacer deformer that creates an undulating surface (animated). The problem is that I want to use metaballs so that the 2 spheres merge together. As soon as you apply the metaball the meshes are smoothed. The only way around it I can see is to use a displacer (or texture with displacement) on the actual metaball rather than the elements within it. However, when you animate the spheres, they are travelling through the deformer rather than the deformer sticking with each sphere. Any ideas?
  9. I have rendered my files to an EXR. This time I managed to render the files as separate passes as I didn't have "Multi-layer File" ticked. Is there a way to save out a multi-layer file from the Picture Viewer? I can see all the images and layers but when I try to save an EXR file out from the Picture Viewer it is not multi-layered. R17
  10. Hi all I need to scale some objects that have a displacement noise deformer, and turbulence in the texture displacement (both animated). The problem i am having is that when I scale the object (a sphere) the displacements aren't scaling with it. I have tried the "stick texture" tag but that didn't appear to do anything. Any ideas? Many thanks I am using R17.



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