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  1. Closing hole in round object

    Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. Knowing the difference can make life so much easier.
  2. Floating Island

    I've been coming to The Cafe for many years now and that might be the most interesting use of C4D I've come across so far! The rock on the bottom of the island looks much better now.
  3. Floating Island

    Wow, that's what you do for a living? Very interesting... though I can see how it could become depressing. And you use C4D in the process?
  4. Closing hole in round object

    Rule 1: This is a means to an end, not an end in itself. Don't sweat things that don't matter. Life's too short.
  5. CREAM wip

    Fun and inspiring stuff, as always.
  6. Closing hole in round object

    Yes, you can quad it out if you want to. Depends how important the end of that pipe is in the great scheme of things. If the end of the pipe is not getting any attention in the final work, don't sweat it just because that's considered 'good form'.
  7. Floating Island

    Yes, the close in shots are pretty impressive. Lighting in particular works really well. I would, though, look to make that retaining wall at the edges of the garden a little less perfect. It's not up to the high standard of the rest of it. Looks quite CGI. The first shot I'm not so keen on. The floating rock itself is not good enough to keep up with the good work you've done elsewhere. Perhaps look at the floating mountains in Avatar for some reference.
  8. Cello Scroll

    Lovely slick feel to this.
  9. A Sci-fi industrial tool

    Nice model (interesting design and execution) and a good effort over all, but I think you need to put a little more work into the materials and especially into the wear and distressing. Go find as many examples of battered machinery as you can and take your cues from them. At the moment your distressing looks a little underworked. Here's an example of ageing/distressing I did some time back... When I'm doing distressed textures I find 'grunge' textures online and incorporate those into my materials, working things up in Photoshop. For the 'beam', which I take it is going to be a sort of plasma type beam, you might want to get out of C4D and just comp in some footage in 'post'. You'll find plenty of plasma beam type footage online (some free, some to pay for) and the general rule of thumb is, get out of your 3D app as soon as you can in the process. 3D is, generally speaking, a faff and there are often simpler ways of achieving exactly the same effect with much less hassle.
  10. Model Jewelry ?

    Although you're almost guaranteed to be pointed towards Maxwell if you ask a question about realism, the reality is that these days most of the render engines will give you realism. Maxwell, Vray, Arnold, Octane or even C4D's own Advanced Render. The only things to chose between them is methodologies and speed, Maxwell tending to be slowest, then AR, then a toss up between the rest, depending on what you're doing. Although I'm a long time Vray user, of late I've been gravitating towards Arnold simply because it's simplicity makes it a joy to use. Not jewellery, of course, but same sort of thing. Rendered in Arnold... I'd also echo what Cerbera is saying above: Modelling is going to be terrifically important for something like jewellery that will always be shot close-up so comes under close scrutiny. Any deficiencies in your modelling will undermine your realism and no amount of rendering will pull you back from that. The watch above is as much about the modelling as the rendering.
  11. Is Keying Possible in C4D?

    Seems like a job for After Effects or the like. Doesn't seem much point in fighting this in C4D.
  12. Trabant studio tunning 2

    Love this!
  13. Best render engine for RealFlow

    Yes, RSMB. It's my go-to for MB. No drawbacks, just add a filter in your post application and save yourself a ton of render time. It's rare that I render out MB.
  14. Best render engine for RealFlow

    Rendered in Vray. In the two images below, the first is real liquid, the second is Realflow rendered in Vray with motion blur done in post. And there's also a very short test animation.