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  1. Atmosphere...

    Thanks guys!
  2. Atmosphere...

    Thank you for the kind words. The window on the right is deliberately cool just to stop it being an overload of yellow. Hopefully that grounds it just a little. Slight update to the original image - I've added a little 'bloom' on the window which helps a bit.
  3. Having recently shown a member how to achieve the desert scene from Blade Runner 2049 in Arnold I thought I'd have a little play with the set-up...
  4. Any ideas on how to model the base

    While the method Rectro gave above is probably closer to what might be considered correct, you can do this quick and dirty just by Booling our a Torus from a Tube. Would get you there quicker than trying to fill in the missing part of the Lathe manually.
  5. Not sure why I didn't do it with fog. I guess my first thought was that it's atmosphere and not fog, strictly speaking. I'm guessing that it would work with fog, too. The result might be a little different, though. Not sure why you're not seeing controls when you open the file. Might be the different versions. My install of Arnold is running in R16. I'm always a few versions behind on everything so you might also have a newer version of Arnold. Because I'm always up against super tight deadlines I value reliability over all else, so I tend not to upgrade until something comes along that I can't live without. Haven't got time to fight bugs or learn new ways of doing what I already know how to do. Here are the colours I used in the atmosphere material... Colour... Attenuation Colour...
  6. Here's what I see at my end... Have you tried opening the 'network editor' to see if the basic controls show up there? I'm assuming that the screen shot where there's no controls is a shot of what you're getting when you open my file, is that correct? If so then just copy the settings into your document from my screen shot.
  7. All the controls for the scattering/fog effect are in the atmosphere material, not in the render settings. So just double click on the 'atmospheric_scatteringmaterial' material and the material editor will open and it's pretty straightforward from there. As for which colours to use, I just had a fiddle around until I got something that looked right. Note that it's the Density setting in the material editor that determines how much of the light colour that comes into the 'fog'. In this case, upping the Density a little allowed more of the yellow light at the back to become apparent which gave the background 'bloom' as seen in the movie image.
  8. I upped the density setting in the atmosphere material to 0.39 and this came out a little closer to the movie image.
  9. Pretty easy in Arnold. See attached file. Obviously, you'll have to add more detail as that was just a quickie and you'll probably want to fiddle and fettle the lighting, but that should get you most of the way there. I would suggest that you plan for some 'post' rather than spending forever trying to get it straight out of the render. You can bet that they gave it a right seeing to in post for the movie. Note the atmosphere material and where that is dropped into the atmosphere field in the Arnold render settings. Love, love, love, love the movie! After the absolute butchering they gave Alien with Prometheus and 'Covenant I am so happy that they pulled such a great movie out of the bag for the Blade Runner follow up. This should have been a turkey but it turned out amazing. Listening to the soundtrack as I did that file! Blade Runner.zip
  10. Firs thing done in cd4

    Dig into the archive here at The Cafe. There's plenty there to get you going. One of my favourite places for tuts is Greyscale Gorilla, though you might find much of that a little advanced if you're just taking your first steps.
  11. Firs thing done in cd4

    That's a fine effort for your first go. Onwards and upwards.
  12. As long as the end result works in all the ways you need it to, use whatever method you prefer.
  13. TAG Heuer Watch...

    Thanks guys!
  14. Stuff.

  15. It's been quite some time since I posted up any work here, so I thought I'd throw up a couple of images. C4D, Arnold and a little 'post' in Photoshop. Cheers Karl