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  1. The Vray Materials Converter in your Plug-ins menu will get you all the way on some and halfway there on others. You just have to roll your sleeves up and get tucked in to the ones that don't convert smoothly.
  2. Hard shape to achieve in SDS

    I think the two examples above have too much geometry. One of the points of SDS modelling, apart from the fact that it can do all the weird shapes, is that you can get those shapes while keeping your poly count low. Try this... SDS Example.c4d Hopefully, Cerbera will pop along at some point. He's an SDS geek (in the best possible sense ) so he'll probably have something valuable to add to the conversation. By the way, your original attempt is nice and clean so, unless you were on a mission to keep your polys low (big complicated scene, long render times, for instance), I see nothing wrong with doing it that way.
  3. Coffee Jar seal peel

    Ah, yes, I see what you mean about the distortion in the middle. It's the stretching that's the problem.
  4. Coffee Jar seal peel

    Getting the laser cut in is no problem. Try this... Top Peel 3.mov Top Peel 2.c4d I just did an outline in Illustrator then put that under a Loft. Made editable and sub-divided it. There is some distortion in the middle (though not much) but you're not going to notice that with just a plain foil material and you can minimise it by changing the angle on the bend deformer. And, of course, there's always camera angles to hide anything that's still bothering you.
  5. Coffee Jar seal peel

    Try this... preview2.mov Top Peel 2.c4d Hit play to see it run and switch off the deformers to see where it starts as a flat plane. I think this will work if you just shape the ends of the plane.
  6. Coffee Jar seal peel

    It's an interesting problem, for sure. Might be one of those things who's difficulty is out of proportion to its apparent simplicity. And if you want it very realistic then the outside edge has to stay stuck to the jar lip until the circular upward pull arrives at a given point as it circles the lip. Jesus, it's even hard to describe! Lol!
  7. Coffee Jar seal peel

    This is not entirely right and I haven't got time right now to take it further, but this might be a direction you want to investigate... Lid Rip.c4d
  8. What method was used in this pic

    You can get that effect with this plug-in... https://code.vonc.fr/?a=67 I used it to make this element that was part of a medical animation...
  9. 3D Text Materials and Lights

    Not really much to this other than endlessly fiddling with lights until you get an approximation of the 'ballers' set-up. Just depends how close you want to get. One tip, though, when you're doing something like this use the same letters as in the thing you're trying to copy. Makes it much easier to get the set-up in the same ballpark. A quick lash-up is attached. Ballers.c4d
  10. Although this will be considered bad form by most (and probably is), I wouldn't bother with the faff of modelling the holes and just concentrate on the hump then knock off the holes with a quick Boole. Like this... Bracket Collect 2.zip
  11. F-Curve Stupid Question

    If I'm reading your question correctly, you want to be able to play with just one curve out of the many you're presented in the F-Curve editor. So... Halfway down the F-Curve menu you'll see Show All Tracks. Click this to switch it off and then you'll only see whichever curve (or curves) you highlight on the left of the F-Curve panel. Oh, and it's not a "stupid" question. :-)
  12. This is a heavy mix of multiple renders of the same thing to get the different styles and a lot of post-production in something like After Effects. There's also a lot of MoGraph in there, too.
  13. Modeling a Skate-Park

    Start with a suitable, editable block. Put some cuts in your top, Extrude Inner, then Bevel. Very simple.
  14. Can't see what's in your attached pic (it's too small), but I've used a ton of them and always come back to Rebus for power and efficiency.
  15. Use Spectral in your Colour channel. You'll find Spectral in the 'drop down' under Effects.