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  1. crturybury

    Animating multiple models at once

    To be honest when placing the individual clones they all snapped to the origin so I am also stuck there. I just want to be able to drag the plain effector across all of the plates of cement and have them raise up in Y. Thanks for any help at all. Sidewalk.c4d
  2. I have a sidewalk with many differently shaped plates of cement. I want to animate them coming out of the ground in a cascading manner similar to what a plain effector would do with a typical cloned setup.. There are about 30 different objects that I have set inside a cloner but I can’t get them to animate on in a cascading fashion. They just animate vertically all at once when I pull the plain effector through it. Thanks for any help
  3. crturybury

    Animating rows of bricks

    Nvermind. A simple rotation of the effector gave me the movement I wanted.
  4. crturybury

    Animating rows of bricks

    I think I only have one last question. What if the bricks were to cascade on from left to right as the move up.
  5. crturybury

    Animating rows of bricks

    What if I wanted the bricks to be offset Bezo?
  6. crturybury

    Animating rows of bricks

    Thanks everyone!!! This is just what I needed.
  7. crturybury

    Animating rows of bricks

    I have line of 3D bricks laid out end to end. There are 30 bricks. I want those 30 bricks to come out of the ground. After the first row of bricks have come up out of the ground I want to repeat the same movement above those bricks creating a second row. My initial idea was to create a linear cloner animate the bricks coming up with a step effector and then cloner that cloner and repeat the animation above but I can't get past the single row. Any help is much appreciated.
  8. This issue is ridiculous! I have a null object that has been baked with an external comp tag. The object has position and scale animation baked. When I export and aec from c4d and open in After Effects it does not bring the scale info with it. How do I transfer the scale animation to AE?
  9. crturybury

    Repel and Scale

    The project I am working on just got completely changed so I wont need to continue trying to figure this out. Thanks for the help.
  10. crturybury

    Repel and Scale

    Could you direct me to get started?
  11. crturybury

    Repel and Scale

    This is a tough one.....for me. I have a grid setup of hexagons via a cloner with its mode set to object. What I am attempting to do is have and effector that moves through the grid of hexes and scales 1 hex and have the hexes around the one scaled up move out of the way making room for that one hex. I don't want inner penetration though. I know R18 has a new push effector and that might solve the problem. I am using a Target effector to repel but the caviate to that is they innerpenetrate and they look at the target. I want the hexes to stay in their default position just move not rotate. I am using a plain effector to scale up the specific hex. The best way to think of this entire idea is a ball in the water. The water moves out of the way of the ball.