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  1. Thank you for the information ! Yeah it happens due to parenting.
  2. Hello ! I wanted to animate my charater's hand moving only the Y axis, but after playing, the bone completed the movement using the X axis too. I've only rotated the Y axis so I don't know why. Can someone help me please ?
  3. I added my model to a null object and it worked. Thank you ! I have another problem... I want to rotate the camera in the camare view mode around itself, but It keeps rotating away from my scene. Can you help me with this please ? I want to make a camera look down animation.
  4. "Animation Tool" I mean that can found in Cinema 4d: https://imgur.com/a/2Hv6N
  5. Hi I animated my character using mixamo, now I want to fit the character to the scene. I found out this animation tool and worked well with translation, but rotation not. Why ?
  6. When I add light to my scene all of my objects goint to be darker instead of lighter. lmao
  7. Thank you for the reply ! I added a sky with HDRI (luminance channel), but why I can't change my text color ? and can somebody please recommend me a good reflection material settings for HDRI ?
  8. I tried to make a metallic text but my reflection material doesn't want to work. It just renders black, even if I add some lights to the scene. I was realy supriesed when I haven't found any good tutorials for this basic thing, so I opened this topic to gain more experience about this reflection thing. Can anyone look into my .c4d please ? test.c4d


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