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  1. On 8/25/2019 at 7:21 PM, Cairyn said:

    Watch out for which axes really get rotated if you are using the viewport rotation gadget. The gadget is oriented to the child's coordinates while the actual rotation happens in the parent system. Look at the attribute managers rotation values to verify, or have a look at the f-curves where you should see two constant lines for the unused angles. You may think you rotated only one axis (by gadget) when in truth you rotated two. -- Another issue may be if you rotate by more than 180° which can cause funny interpolations; hard to say without a scene.


    If you need to rotate around several axes, you may want to switch on Quaternion Rotation which uses the shortest path between two points on a (hypothetical) sphere describing the motion. However, the Quaternions come with their own set of issues.


    Thank you for the information ! Yeah it happens due to parenting.

  2. 40 minutes ago, Rectro said:

    You didnt provide me with the other questions I had, but anyhow in that video it shows you are able to rotate so you need to clear up what is it your having a problem with, and what your trying to achieve?


    If you want to make the character walk along a align to spline and the character is no aligning itself to the direction of the spline when you need to turn Tangentical on, this will make it align along the z axis and if your character walking backwards let me know, but without any more info there is no point to continuing guessing.  Your best to put character into a pivot object in any case if thats your aim.



    I added my model to a null object and it worked. Thank you ! I have another problem... I want to rotate the camera in the camare view mode around itself, but It keeps rotating away from my scene. Can you help me with this please ? I want to make a camera look down animation. 

  3. 26 minutes ago, Rectro said:



    Can you give me some more information about what you mean by "fitting the character to the scene"?  Also when you say "I found out this animation tool" what tool are you refering to Mixamo, C4D, or a tool within one of these applciations?  Im am also wondering what it is your trying to translate as most joints rotate not translate?


    When animation is applied to a mixamo character rig the rotation is controlled by the key frames for that animation and will not let you simply add your own on top without removing the original keys first.  You may use the NLA system , or animatino layers to some degree to overide some keys that are already present but your need some knowledge to the motion clip system, and animation layers of which I have made some extensive videos on.



    "Animation Tool" I mean that can found in Cinema 4d: https://imgur.com/a/2Hv6N

  4. On 2018. 02. 21. at 10:30 PM, Cerbera said:

    What have you put in the scene that can reflect in your text ? Lights won't do it unless they are Area lights with 'show in reflection' ticked in the details tab. But the easiest way to get good reflections is to add a sky object and apply an HDRI to it. You can hide that from camera by adding a composting tag and unchecking 'seen by camera'.


    There are actually hundreds of tutorials about this ! Search for 'c4d reflectance' to find them all...



    Thank you for the reply !  I added a sky with HDRI (luminance channel), but why I can't change my text color ? and can somebody please recommend me a good reflection material settings for HDRI ? 

  5. I tried to make a metallic text but my reflection material doesn't want to work. It just renders black, even if I add some lights to the scene.

    I was realy supriesed when I haven't found any good tutorials for this basic thing, so I opened this topic to gain more experience about this reflection thing.

    Can anyone look into my .c4d please ?



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