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  1. Hi ABMotion, Thanks for the speedy reply! Even if the ultimate answer lies with the theater and their specs, this is still very useful info. Appreciate it!
  2. I was asked to make a short animation for a film festival that will play before the each screening in a movie theater. I am pretty new to using Cinema4d and After Effects and am wondering what kind of export settings I should use in each program. My workflow involves creating scenes in C4d and then editing/compositing in After Effects. Many whom I've asked simply suggest exporting 1920x1080 pixles. So far the settings I've been using to render in c4d are: 1920x1080 pixles 300 dpi TIFF (psd layers) 8 bit Then I bring in the sequence to After Effects and after editing/compositing export as an .mov file. Any thoughts on this? I'd hate to render/edit an entire animation and then find out that it looks terrible upon projection. Apologies if this is a newbie question I have literally never done this before. Many thanks!
  3. Collider Body not working

    Thank you for your reply! Unfortunately, I set Softbodies to Polygons/lines but nothing seemed to change after that. Perhaps it is some idiosyncrasy with trying to use softbodies within a cloner, or my deficient computer. :/
  4. I have a MogGraph text with a Softbody tag attached placed under a subdivision surface that I am trying to clone and emit. Cloner is set to Object with object being Emitter. Softbody Collision tag is apply tag to children, individual elements set to top level. I worked on this file earlier and the softbodies were colliding with the collider bodies in the Render View but not when I actually started to Render to Picture Viewer. Now the softbodies are not even colliding in the Render View anymore and I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions. Many Thanks. falling bodies .c4d