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  1. i didnt know that, it could be the reason, such a pitty, i must also mention that i even tried the latest al shader on arnold 1.06 ! but again didnt work. al shader was a huge Plus. Thanks for reply
  2. Hi im so tired of installing Alshader for my Cinema 4D over and over again, it just simply doesn't show up in my Arnold shader Node using Arnold 2.0.2 and cinema R18. does anybody has the same problem with instalation? i did all the steps mentioned in the installation text file in the Alshader pack as shown below, (Libraries and MTD files found in the 'bin' directory go somewhere in your ARNOLD_PLUGIN_PATH or in 'shaders' under your C4DtoA installation directory - Copy content of C4DtoA directory to your C4DtoA installation directory)