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  1. Thank you, I will check it out! :)
  2. yes the picture you show is exactly what i want to do. but i guess i dont know what to look for in the obj to see if it is possible. i attached my WIP, i used some free models from around and if you see the building on the left edge, it has a balcony with a window shape. i would love to figure out a way to light those windows but i dont know if that is possible, or let's say how to make the right choice before hand with a better building for this purpose. any tips or referrals to tuts would be great. thanks!!
  3. Hello, i want to learn how to make building lights at night. I have been trying to search for tutorials on this. I was able to find one using a texture and projections. it worked great, but it seemed to work on a building without windows already on it. If I am using an OBJ of a building with windows already on it, is there a way to get the size/shape of those windows lit? a technique for making your own map? I know this is probably a really basic question, but I have a large gap in this sort of knowledge and need direction to any tutorials about it. Thanks in advance!!
  4. thanks so much! i appreciate it!
  5. Hello, I'm trying to do a scene, simple landscape with mountains in distance. I would like to attempt to put a big planet, but everytime i try something, it just ends up looking like a sphere. I try to put the distance far and up the scale, but then i always seem to lose the sphere. Most tutorials I have seen are planetary scenes themselves, than earth perspective looking up. Does anyone know of any beginner tutorials that would show how to do this. I not only need to know about distance and scale, but also managing the viewports so i don't keep losing the object itself. Thanks in advance for any input/advice/resources/tutorials
  6. thanks for the clear steps, ill try it now. i was confused because from the screen shots i was sent it looked like you installed directly form the page not download them first to open later. !
  7. hello, I have what is probably a really basic question to most here but i recently switched to pc and got a nvidia graphics card. my c4d was crashing a lot and so octane ran a profiler which showed i have conflict between opengl, cuda and outdated nvidia drivers. i was recommended to go to do an uninstaller thru guru 3d. their recommendation is to disconnect the internet until you have reinstalled new drivers (screenshot attached). my question is if i have to do the uninstall as a first step and disconnect my internet, then how can i install directly frm nvidia page if my internet is disconnected. can someone please give me detailed steps or any help. this is the first time im doing this. i appreciate it!! thanks
  8. Hi, This is a very basic question but I cant find the answer in MAXON's instructions. I have R19 right now and want to install R20. Do i need to delete the previous R19, or simply replace. I have not done this before on a pc, I just switched from mac and am not used to installing uninstalling things on pc yet....Thanks
  9. Hello, I would like to know how to delete individual clones when using octane scatter. I scattered some trees/plants but I want to empty out a particular area. I've been looking around for some tutorials andon the internet, but I can't seem to find an answer to this particular question. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks!!!
  10. kikic

    obj txt file

    Thank you, it worked !
  11. kikic

    obj txt file

    Hello I went to a free site for OBJ file and when it downloaded it was an .obj.txt file, I was wondering how to manage this. Does it need conversion? if so how ?Thanks in advance!
  12. Thanks! that was totally it! I had managed to fix it by skipping the midnight time altogether, and starting at 1 am. but i feel like when your really trying to learn, it doesn't count or stick if you dont know why something is going wrong. i re did the original as per your directions and it worked!! :)
  13. Hello everyone, I am trying to practice keyframing the time of day in physical sky to go from day to night. i managed to do this from 16:00-19:00 hours. I made a copy and tried to do the same on another version of that project from 20:00 until midnight. I can get the it to start at about 20:00 but then the clock starts running backwards, the frames between the start and end are daylight. I can't see that I have done anything differently on the second version than the first. I tried to save a copy of the 1st version to try to build the 2nd version that way, to make sure none of the other settings changed. Does anyone have any ideas as to what is going on? thanks
  14. Thanks so much for these tutorials. I will definitely watch them :)

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