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  1. Hello, I use octane and c4d. I have been searching high and low on the web and reading forums but I am still unclear as to how I could achieve a shader like this: https://www.shutterstock.com/es/image-illustration/differential-growth-abstract-holographic-liquid-shape-1507672328?src=5ZGd1B74YwRvlRgQQcXkKw-1-67 I did see this tutorial : https://youtu.be/hrjB1RkXsko THe idea is close but I cant get it in lighter pastels colors, or a mother of pearl like the picture. Can anyone help with specifics? thanks
  2. Thank you so much! Im going to try this out!!
  3. Hello, I would like to learn how to loop things seamlessly. I followed a tutorial I found on youtube, but it worked mostly due to the black background. I cant seem to get it right with landscapes. I am interested in doing a loop like this one from artist Gabe Damast I can see where the loop begins, but how does one handle the sky and background and complicated scene. How is this set up. Any tips or obscure tutorials on how is this done ? thanks!
  4. I want to copy here MAXON's response in case anyone else is having this issue. It worked for me (with a few tweaks to these instructions). From MAXON: "Have you tried deleting your preferences? It's a great troubleshooting method in C4D and can fix a lot of random issues that may occur. Because, your C4D preferences may get corrupt over time due to anything from crashes, forced shut downs, OS updates, etc... You can delete your preferences by going to: Edit > Preferences in Cinema 4D When the preferences window pops up, click the "Open Preference Folder" button on the bottom left. Once open, quit out of Cinema 4D (this is a very important step as this process will not work if the application is running). Next, delete all the folders in the preference folder (READ BOLD PRINT BELOW BEFORE YOU DELETE). Finally, move up one level in the folder hierarchy to the MAXON folder delete all PRF files with _20_ in its name (If you are using R21 you would look for _21_, R22 _22_ and so on). Now. When you re-open Cinema 4D it will create all new preferences and hopefully get you past the issues you are experiencing." If you have plugins installed here you can leave the plugin folder. If you have custom layouts set up you can find them in in this path C:\Users\*USER NAME*\AppData\Roaming\MAXON\Cinema 4D R20_********\library\layout Make sure to save the .l4d and .prf files in this folder so you can put back once the preferences reset. If you have custom content created you can find them in in this path C:\Users\*USER NAME*\AppData\Roaming\MAXON\Cinema 4D R20_********\library\browser Like the layout just make sure to save your .lib4d files in this folder to put back once the preferences reset
  5. THank you ! I put a ticket with MAXON!
  6. Well I tried to switch back to model mode in the video, because I noticed it automatically switched to points each time. I hardly use splines enough to remember, but I had thought i used it in model mode always before. it struck me as odd and i wondered if that was perhaps a cause. is there a setting for that somewhere that i could check into to for that specifically. I treid restarting the computer, but i certainly will try again! for this, i only had a single spline so far. i was just starting a tutorial and couldnt get past step one.
  7. Hello, each time you see it disappear I am clicking the mouse. I cant access the bezier handles. Please let me know if you notice something or i have a setting that is wrong. I appreciate it. bandicam 2019-10-12 17-38-37-917.mp4
  8. Hello, I am wondering if anyone is having/has had problems with the pen tool when drawing splines? Each time I press the mouse the whole spline dissappears so I can't see where I am drawing or access the two bars to make curves. HAs anyone ever had this happen? Does anyone know a work around? it's driving me crazy. THanks
  9. Thank you, I will check it out! :)
  10. yes the picture you show is exactly what i want to do. but i guess i dont know what to look for in the obj to see if it is possible. i attached my WIP, i used some free models from around and if you see the building on the left edge, it has a balcony with a window shape. i would love to figure out a way to light those windows but i dont know if that is possible, or let's say how to make the right choice before hand with a better building for this purpose. any tips or referrals to tuts would be great. thanks!!
  11. Hello, i want to learn how to make building lights at night. I have been trying to search for tutorials on this. I was able to find one using a texture and projections. it worked great, but it seemed to work on a building without windows already on it. If I am using an OBJ of a building with windows already on it, is there a way to get the size/shape of those windows lit? a technique for making your own map? I know this is probably a really basic question, but I have a large gap in this sort of knowledge and need direction to any tutorials about it. Thanks in advance!!
  12. thanks so much! i appreciate it!
  13. Hello, I'm trying to do a scene, simple landscape with mountains in distance. I would like to attempt to put a big planet, but everytime i try something, it just ends up looking like a sphere. I try to put the distance far and up the scale, but then i always seem to lose the sphere. Most tutorials I have seen are planetary scenes themselves, than earth perspective looking up. Does anyone know of any beginner tutorials that would show how to do this. I not only need to know about distance and scale, but also managing the viewports so i don't keep losing the object itself. Thanks in advance for any input/advice/resources/tutorials
  14. thanks for the clear steps, ill try it now. i was confused because from the screen shots i was sent it looked like you installed directly form the page not download them first to open later. !
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