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  1. keyframe and time of day

    Thanks! that was totally it! I had managed to fix it by skipping the midnight time altogether, and starting at 1 am. but i feel like when your really trying to learn, it doesn't count or stick if you dont know why something is going wrong. i re did the original as per your directions and it worked!! :)
  2. Hello everyone, I am trying to practice keyframing the time of day in physical sky to go from day to night. i managed to do this from 16:00-19:00 hours. I made a copy and tried to do the same on another version of that project from 20:00 until midnight. I can get the it to start at about 20:00 but then the clock starts running backwards, the frames between the start and end are daylight. I can't see that I have done anything differently on the second version than the first. I tried to save a copy of the 1st version to try to build the 2nd version that way, to make sure none of the other settings changed. Does anyone have any ideas as to what is going on? thanks
  3. Help with importing tree models

    Thanks so much for these tutorials. I will definitely watch them :)
  4. Help with importing tree models

    thanks for the tutorial and info!! I actually just found another question in this forum that was similar. I got some of the textures applied under edit.project info.textures tab, and entered the tif files manually. i am now trying to figure the best way to do forests in the box, with no plugins... if anyone has ideas! thanks again
  5. Hello, I'm having some trouble understanding how to import tree models and apply the textures. I am specifically trying to learn how to do forest scenes. I only have c4d and can't get some of the plug-ins like forester at this point. I found a couple of free trees. the files of these models usually come with a .c4d file and also a lot of tif files (others come with jpeg) When i try to import, i go to file->merge objects. The tree will come up with no textures and there will be some empty materials that will automatically open. I'm having trouble understanding how to apply all of the materials. there seem to be a ton of textures some in black and white, some color etc. I am also having trouble finding tutorials/articles on how to do this. I am uploading an example of what happens when i merge the file. and a couple examples of the textures and all the textures that are included with this particular model to give you an idea of what im talking about. When i open the .c4d file on its own, every texture seems to be applied already. Can anyone help explain what to do, advice for forest scenes,or if you know of a good tutorial on this particular topic to refer to me to. I really appreciate it. thanks!
  6. Horizon fade

  7. Horizon fade

    Hello, Im brand new to C4d and was doing some youtube tutorials. This image is base off of one of them ( https://youtu.be/OqXvITbIFzE) I'm wondering how I could fade that horizon line so it sort of blends into the sky. I also wondered if you had any tips for making that sky look better. Thanks :)