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  1. Place object on the top of surface Tool?

    Or you can use the free plugin Drop it ( option drop to floor or object ) https://web.archive.org/web/20150402203859/http://www.kuroyumes-developmentzone.com/cinema-4d/free-plugins/
  2. Align Points Plugin

    Or maybe this one not sure if they still work for your version off cinema4d :https://web.archive.org/web/20150402203859/http://www.kuroyumes-developmentzone.com/cinema-4d/free-plugins/
  3. Align Points Plugin

    You can try webarchive https://web.archive.org/web/20150316163608/http://www.defcon-x.de/c4d/c4d-plugins
  4. Randomly slope top polygons

    Maybe you can fake it different types off gradient displacement with the multishader and the free shuffle or randomindex script from douwe 000 multishader and shuffle generator .c4d
  5. Animated growing plant

    There is a free basic tutorial for animation a flower with xfrog
  6. Creating Thickness

    Or you can use the free plugins Py - Parametric Tools :https://labs.MAXON.net/?p=3158
  7. Verry nice collection off textures , look forward to see the final release
  8. The sad state of e-on:Where is Forester2

    For more information about some new tools for Cinema4d and forester for in the near future : https://www.facebook.com/3dquakers/ A major new version is in the works with significant feature updates. We are taking the time to insure maximum stability/integration. A lot of the new features were directly requested by users.
  9. ProceDuraL4d

    Excellent , where can i download this plugin , looks amazing look forward to see more tutorials and to try it
  10. Assign random vertex colors

  11. Assign random vertex colors

    Exellent works fine with xfrog / Cinema4d / Redshift etc.... Party , Thanks for making this for all Cinema4d Users.
  12. Assign random vertex colors

    Thanks for the link for the script( works fine ) but this works only if i separate manual the objects or with a modifier and with a tree for example then you to many layers and materials etc.... With Redshift and cycles for example you can use one material and assign a random vertex color for color variations etc... I have found another script but this is almost the same like the other ( only display color )https://aescripts.com/c4d-viewport-colors/ maybe there is a solution to convert this to one big vertex map and then merge the objects back together
  13. Assign random vertex colors

    Good luck, I look forward to see if someone can do this with cinema4d and a script
  14. Assign random vertex colors

    Hi , Thanks for the feedback . 1. The variation shader excellent idea but this works not with redshift for example or if you export it to other software this is not a solution . 2.Fracture trick works fine with a few objects but with a tree most off the time cinema4d just crash off course i can use blender but it would be nice to do make this with cinema4d with a script
  15. https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?342546-Blender-addon-Assign-random-vertex-colors-to-connected-vertices Can this script be converted to cinema4d or can this be done with Cinema4d