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  1. I got the book on my kindle and it certainly has. I'm starting to wonder if this is what I should have been doing all along these past few years. I'm going to give it a go and see where it takes me. If I can sustain myself on freelance I'll be one happy camper.
  2. I do at https://mographmark.myportfolio.com/ Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I think I will go with multimedia generalist and try to find a company that needs a jack of all trades kind of guy. Anything that is not specifically in the business of motion graphics tend to do well. Especially companies with their own internal creative teams which I seriously hope to god becomes a growing trend. I have thought about freelance but that takes a bit of time to grow a stable client base, unfortunately that's time I don't have atm. I love the idea of freelancing however, and considering most of the motion graphics meetups around here are only freelancers, it must be a more successful way of doing this line of work. I completely dislike being at the whim of poor business decisions / owners.
  3. Feeling discouraged about the industry and career path of motion graphics in general. It seems every studio that hires me runs into financial problems. They either shut down or have huge layoffs. 5 of the 6 studios I have worked at are either gone, on their way out or have had major layoffs due to their low income. As you can imagine, this is very frustrating for me, having to constantly move, lose friends, lose romantic relationships and not be able to just settle down anywhere for a total of 6 years now. Bills, car payments, rent, everything only adds to stress of working in this industry. You feel a bit like you're in a pinball machine randomly being smacked into every random direction possible. It could just be that my location BLOWS for this type of work (North Carolina), because out in L.A. there is a near constant flow of new Mograph jobs being created all the time. But L.A. is really not my cup of tea and I think I would be overwhelmingly depressed in an area like that... (plus expensive). It has made me think of re-branding myself and filling a more general artistic role. What is a good term for someone that can handle all forms of content? Would it be a Multimedia Specialist? What is that all-encompassing term that could be used? I'm only thinking this way because there are more UX / UI design jobs out there than EVER before. A lot of businesses need social media content and other forms of artistic content for websites, marketing material and more. I really hope this is a viable solution, because quite frankly, doing this has taken its toll on me and it's making me not want to keep going anymore. It's just not worth it to me.
  4. It's really hard for me to not recommend AMD chips for creative work now. Unfortunately, it's hard for me to not 110% recommend a Nvidia card at the same time... CUDA is too good. My machine at work had 4 GTX 1080 Ti cards, and using Octane render with that thing was unlike any experience I had in C4D I just don't know if CPU rendering is going to be around much longer. so I don't know if Threadripper is something to get very excited about, when we have a 'frame'ripper called GPU rendering. I honestly think it's going to replace CPU rendering.
  5. How cool would it be if R20 came with the equivalent of a Unreal Engine-esque rendering engine with built in post processing.. I'd never use standard/physical again.
  6. For characters I would just create some sort of movie-like action shot for your characters. Create a nice background environment for them with amazing lighting. Turntables taken to the next level :P
  7. Radeon Pro render is meh to me. But I mean hats off to MAXON for integrating the early stages of it in this release. I was expecting it in R20. I think it just need to see more renders with it to make up my mind. An interior or something.
  8. Definitely your sketch and toon that's causing it to pop. Your materials aren't catching different shades of the light and so it's causing it to pop. I don't know what kind of style you are going for so I can't really suggest what you should do other than add additional highlight steps in your materials or not use sketch and toon at all.
  9. Impressive... most impressive... Most 3D models of Vader's helmet I see have something off about them. Shaped wrong. But this looks pretty darn accurate. Better Turbosquid it up!
  10. Boy have I been on quite the adventure with Cinema 4D. And boy do I have a lot of good, and bad things to say about the MoGraph industry. People = great Experience gained = great Small studios = dog excrement For people new to the MographWorld, I have some tips. Almost everything in my reel was accomplished by myself alone. The smaller studios are really struggling to find solid talent, so that generally put me in command of doing everything. Most, and there are many, of the studios I have worked at, I was essentially the only guy doing 3d MoGraph... they failed monetarily, gargling on blood in this quasi-operational, complete shutdown state of being with mountainous amounts of debt. If there are any new folks reading this, don't accept an offer from smaller studios trying to become relevant, odds are they won't be. I can't tell you how many of these studios are continually trying to be the next Troika, Mill, Psyop, BrandNewSchool, etc. The hubris is a joke, and people in leadership positions often times don't belong there. Instead look into agency jobs, freelance, corporations with internal creative teams. <- I wish someone told me this day one. I'm curious what everyone's experience was, and of course, if you think my reel was a little sexy. Behance: https://www.behance.net/MographMark
  11. Why render in ProRender when it appears I could just get something pretty out of the enhanced viewport



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