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  1. Yep the result is good, but there is intersections and i need is as procedural as possible :) Shape will be more complex with more clones and sides of polygons, so manually with loft it will be a pretty disaster :(( Maybe some Xpresso stuff can solve it ?! Or some constraint stuff or other methods.. may be dynamics secrets??!!
  2. I uploaded again :) Just turn off render instance in cloner
  3. Thanks for answer and for greetings ;))) , but it can't be used on polygons center, i know as it works like i need with polygons, but the problem is when i use it with splines, i need a spline version so badly.. Just rotation sfuff, with position it's ok :((( !!! Help me please!!
  4. Hello !!! There is a problem .. There is an array of clones that have been launched along the splines and there is a separate surface, I need to make them friends .. That is, to make the clones oriented relative to the surface normals, while remaining on the splines .. Would they be cloned on the surface The object itself, another question, everything is simple..... But they are on splines, so they can orient themselves to it, rather than polygons .. I understand that standard tools such as constraints, target effector and deformers do not solve it, tried it did not help .. It remains Probably Xpresso maybe , but I'm a numb in it .. (( Help, very need the picture below .. Thank you !!!!