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  1. Black square overlay in viewport

    Just realised what this actually was (to end the investigation) All my fault of course. I've got quite a large amount of graphic elements and groups so must have lost track of all my objects; and hidden somewhere was a large plane object that I must have created by mistake and left viewable. Thanks for the help anyway bezo. I'll be more thorough in double checking every silly possibility next time..
  2. Black square overlay in viewport

    This is actually quite strange. Last night the problem occurred, and when I opened it this morning it had the same problem. After coming back to it right now, the problem seems to have fixed itself. I opened a new scene and tested the cameras (and they seemed fine), then opened my existing project and the black square had gone. Any ideas what it could have been?
  3. Hi, Not sure if I've accidentally hit a button that's caused this and can't set it back to normal. Basically whenever I select a Camera view (Top, Left, Right) I get this strange black box overlay. When I switch back to perspective, it's completely fine. After looking up problems that sound similar, people suggest switching off OpenGL, but that doesn't work. I think it happened after I imported a path > spline, but to be honest I'm not completely sure what caused it. I'm using Studio R17 on a mac. Anybody have any clues as to what might be the solution?