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  1. I'm researching pose morphs for rigging up a mixamo character in C4d, but wanted to ask as I haven't been able to find an answer online, can you use the blend shapes elements in C4D to morph facial poses, as I've had no luck. Just hoping to know whether to abandon the blend shapes from mixamo altogether. It also seems c4d doesn't have any good facial auto trackers to recreate someone talking or singing, correct? thanks
  2. Well on the bright side, I learnt a lot about how things interact!
  3. Yeah and it kind of worked but I was having several problems that compounded. I basically wanted a character to pop out of a box, flipping open a lid that I had hinged onto the box. I've ended up just making the character with no collision and will just animate it I think. Then when I move it around, he'll still travel with the box and the lid will flop around with the motion which is good. Couldn't get it to work properly just yet..
  4. Hey, Ive got a rectangle shaped box and it's set as a Collider Body and I can drop a bunch of cubes into it (rigid body tagged, static mesh shape) and it fills it up nicely. Problems start when i'm trying to make a character stand in it (rigid body tag, compound collision shape). I need to widen the box so much it's out of proportion to make the character fit in it properly, otherwise he just stops halfway, or even on top. It's a character i've imported from Miximo. Is there some kind of bounding box adjustment for the character model that I need to bring in to make his size (in terms of the collision detection) the same as he looks, as it should be fitting in the box. If I try to put him in, he just flies into the abyss. Thanks
  5. Thanks! I think i'll join up to Cineversity, seems like a good purchase.
  6. Hi Dan, Excuse my ignorance, but I can't find the Advanced Menu or a Make Pivot action in C4D anywhere? Any help on where these are? EDIT: Ok, I figured this out but it goes a bit differently to your workflow. Here are my 'dummy notes' so I can follow it again when I forget it for R17. I'm very new to this, so some of my navigation terminology might be off, but hopefully this might help someone who's as green as I am. Open new project ‘FILE/MERGE’ FBX file of your modeled character in T-Pose. Rename to T-POSE. ‘FILE/MERGE’ FBX file of animation you want to add. Rename to ANI_*NAMEOFANIMATION* click on animation ‘hips’ (little green spike), then 'ANIMATE/ADD MOTION CLIP' Do the same for T-POSE click the motion tag on your animation and ‘Open in TL’ DRAG your Motion Source ANI_*NAMEOFANIMATION* from the name list on the left to T-POSE in the next column ‘motion mode’. You can now delete the T-POSE layer from the Timeline and the ANI_ Skeleton from the manager This should add the animation!!! For the second animation; 'FILE/MERGE' the second FBX animation file & rename go back to Zero and on the new animation, click 'ANIMATE/MOTION CLIP' Go to MOTION MODE Timeline and Drag new animation to the current Motion Mode folder. Click on new animations clip and select in the Advanced attributes (bottom right box of main screen), select 'CREATE PIVOT' & line up with end of first animation drag clips over each other to time them & fade between You can now delete that original animation Skeleton from the main window list.
  7. Great, thanks Dan!
  8. Hi, I'm pretty new to C4D but i've imported a character from Adobe Fuse & have it animating with their preset animations quite well, but can't find how to transition between one animation to another. I have them happening one after the other, and have checked them out on the timeline, but i'm wondering how to get them to seamlessly transition from animation to the other. I put a quick render of the current test render up to show the jump between animations along with a screenshot of my timeline I'm sure it's something fundamental i've missed, but i'm learning as I work through this project. Thanks in advance! testani.mov