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  1. Thanks guys, i've had great success with the Motion Camera, gives you a tonne of control when chucking a camera on a spline.
  2. Great, thanks for this. I just started having a play around and it seems to have some great options in the Motion Camera tab under motion that should do the trick!
  3. You can edit them, but they're dense with keyframes, of course. For smaller movements like torso changes or head movements in the animation I put a null around those sections in the skeleton (say, find the neck in the skeleton) and animated that null to make the head move independently without getting in the way of the premade animation.
  4. I've got a camera following a long, straight spline and I just want to add a bit of movement to it so it doesn't look so static, but vibrate won't shake it off it's spline path. I tried vibrating the whole spline path, and it looks like it shook the spline, but didn't affect the camera aligned to it. Any other approaches that would achieve this that i'm missing?
  5. Yeah i've been looking into V Ray & Octane, but as i'm still just learning C4D and doing my own projects, I figure I should focus my money and time on what I already have. I'm running a 2013 iMac with 32 gig & team rendering a macbook, but I think i'd invest in a computer before a new renderer. It is alluring though, especially if it would speed up renders on this iMac.
  6. Oh great, i'll give that a shot and see how it comes out. Was mainly playing around in the GI settings.
  7. I went through as many PR settings as I could, and the standard wins this round. Thanks for your help.
  8. So physical needs the settings cranked up to match the standard? Does it do a better job on a more complex scene?
  9. I've been rendering out a camera rotating around a lit object in studio lighting and the standard renderer does way more subtle and realistic shadowing with GI & AO on than the physical. I've only used Physical but the standard just has better results. It's a bit slower though, which is a bummer. Here are two examples, the only difference is that I turned it over from standard to physical, left all the GI & AO settings as they were. Standard then physical. I was of the understanding Physical dealt with this stuff better?
  10. Looks like I got it working! I put a Mograph Effector / Target in the clone gorup and set the 'rail' as the object target in target mode and it looks like it's worked!!! My only problem now is the characters collide every now and then but i'm just trying to space them as I'm not sure how to get collision tags to work properly in this instance
  11. I think it's because i've hand drawn a spline that criss crosses around the room, so some lines have the axis' flipped. Just looking for a way to override the characters from listening to the axis and to just turn towards the 'rail'. For the most part its working, but i'll simplify the scene and zip it up. it's about 3 gigs as is.
  12. Thanks guys, went down the multiple radial cloner route but as I ultimately want it to fit in a square room, I didn't have the control I liked. My current solution is to have the cloner 'align to spline' of a spline i've drawn as a track throughout the room. Then, to deal with where they're looking I made a circular spline at the centre and set it as a 'rail' in the cloners 'object' tab. This has worked to a degree. It had all the clones looking to the centre, but there were clones flipped on the vertical / Y axis. So there were characters 'standing' under the floor. I've been moving the 'rail' around to try and fix this, but it's not working yet. From playing around, it seems to 'pull' their heads towards the centre, instead of spinning them to 'look' at the centre and i'm not sure how to adjust that. About to play with transform in the cloner and the best I can get is to turn the H rotation 90 degrees so they're upright, but they're either looking at or away from the centre, not all towards them middle. I'm sure there's something i'm missing to make this work more coherently, or maybe i'm just on the wrong track. . Any tips?
  13. Hey, I'm making a 'dance circle' where there's a crowd made up of 8 different characters crowding around a figure in the middle. I've got it working well by baking the crowds animations and placing them around spline being aligned by the cloner with them all rotated to the middle. I have a camera circling & targeting the middle guy on another spline and it looks great, but I need to flesh out the crowd. I've thought about just copy / pasting more cloner instances, but it doesn't feel very elegant and i'm sure there's a better way that would be lighter on the rendering. I thought perhaps I could make a Grid Array cloner, but can't figure out how to get them to all face the middle and to exclude the middle. Any ideas?
  14. Interposer Pro

    That new site is gone and I can't find a replacement anywhere. This would be really handy!