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  1. Hi all. Using R17. I'm taking a genesis 2 character from Daz into MotionBuilder, rigging it and bringing it into Cinema 4D. The clothing I've used produces animation issues so I wanted to sculpt my characters clothes. I should say first off that I've only been doing this since June and I'm flying by the seat of my pants here. There are serious holes in my understanding of the sculpting/baking process. For example, I didn't know a skeleton won't move mesh when the mesh has a sculpting tag. Just discovered that this morning. Also I get massive corruption of the textures and the baked tag just goes to the legs (which is the first selection tag I have for the model. There are like thirty selection tags that carry over from daz each with their own texture.) But I can deal with those things. What I don't have is a good workflow for this. If I create a baked model of my sculpted genesis 2 character, it loses the rigging and the skin. I could rerig and bind it but Daz has such an amazing skeleton I'd be daft to throw it away. Should I just move the weight tag and the skeleton to the new character? Should I delete the sculpting tag from the original and combine the two models? Is there some thing I'm not aware of to make this problem go away. I really don't want to go off in the wrong direction (again). I'm sure I could deal with this using Maya and Mudbox but I love Cinema 4D and would like to keep it in my work process thing, especially when its time to animate. Does anyone have a formal workflow when it comes to sculpting and baking characters specifically for animation. And assume I'm dumb. When in doubt, over explain.
  2. impalorvlad

    Zoom and Pan issues

    My video card is a gforce 650m, drivers are from 6/27/2017, the objects are different sizes but around 300 cm (ish), it only happens when I pass through objects and yes. It doesn't seem to be a glitch but rather a natural behavior. If I accidently zoom into a wall with my mouse wheel it takes about 10 rolls of the mouse to exit. In my hud the location info shows I'm moving much less until I exit the wall (table, console, etc), then it speeds back up. Panning doesn't funtion but roll (or whatever it's called) works fine. If I hide the object, the zoom and pan works naturally. I noticed it after I put camera, curser and object mode for the viewer controls on a panel and started switching between them. But it may have happened before that. Sometimes switching modes frees the pan. Sometimes not. Zoom is the concern as it slows my workflow down a bit when I accidently stray. Sorry.
  3. impalorvlad

    Zoom and Pan issues

    I know this sounds dumb but my R17 slows to a crawl when zooming through objects and prevents me from panning until I've broken free. I can still rotate. I'd like to be able to 1 make the zoom and pan work all the time in the main viewer. 2 control the speed (distance) I zoom. Thanks.