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  1. Renderer suggestion for my hardware

    Well, thanks everfresh. I think i should spend a week with redshift and then decide. I went through your vimeo and i love your stuff ^^ .The toon shader tut might come in handy as well. Also, If you can direct me towards some tutorials which would help me understand shaders/materials and lighting better in redshift, I'd appreciate it ! Cheers ~
  2. Renderer suggestion for my hardware

    Yeah, i have read about octane being pretty quick for interiors and more @Anthony Owen. But , again, i have found people (on the web ofcourse) using octane with generally two titans (or three).. so i still hold my doubts if my 1060 (non titan) would stand up. But still OCTANE is a must-try as you say its best for standalones ! Thanks ^^ @everfresh So, being still a beginner at 3D, I am interested in simple scene setups including very simple characters and animation But with a lot of LIGHTPLAY and textured materials. Having a gorgeous look is not the intention but to create my own looks is the goal. My comps are not heavy but do have multiple lighting and custom materials mostly. I dont have Xparticles or any plans for it. but i do play around with dynamics. I tried the demo of redshift and arnold (going to try out octane too but its much of confusion when trying out ALL new different renderers at once!) I kind of like arnold (maybe because its more easy to understand in the beginning) but still redshift's real time response is a bit better than arnolds. So i want to stick to a renderer to be more better at materials but i need to decide!! And with really less experience with the software, im unable to do that. If you have used both of them, could you tell me in what situations which one works best for you?? thank you for your time guys.
  3. Hi guys I have put up a machine together and now i am willing to learn rendering techniques in C4d. Right now, i am really confused as for choosing a renderer (GPU or CPU) which would work best with my given rig. So i have a 8700K CPU @ 3.70 GHz ; 16GB Ram ; 1060 (6GB) NVIDIA GPU Please suggest me which kind of renderer would work best(faster) with my machine. At this point i cannot add or update my graphic card or any hardware as a matter of fact. Also as far as i could go for hunting, i have a condition of redshift vs arnold (i am absolutely new to both of them) right now. Show me the light, you wise ones !
  4. Stuck with a simple camera animation

    yehey ! Im all happy with my camera ! Thanks to you JED . I did try this earlier but for some reason didnt work earlier (i must be doing something wrong). Tried again after rebooting , works good. Also, i need to start using 'up vector' to be able to understand it better. Cheers mate !
  5. Stuck with a simple camera animation

    hey jed Im having a situation here which is just eating up a lot of my time ! So why cant i modify my camera's pivot point??? How can i do so? Lets say theres a cube in the center and i want to place the pivot point onto it , so that i can rotate my camera making the cube as my axis point !
  6. Stuck with a simple camera animation

    Jed !! Thanks. Could you tell me how the up vector works please ? I am having problems keeping my camera's horizon straight... it wavers way too much... (still my previous problem is fixed though ^^) .
  7. Hi guys So, im stuck with in a scene where a 'target cam' revolves around an object and while jumping over the object the camera flips... because otherwise it will be showing the scene upside down (in the cam viewport) .. so usually thats helpful but in my case i want it to be upside down so that it STOPS flipping its axis while in the middle of cam motion. Im using no background so it shouldnt be a problem. What i want my cam to do is to 'NOT rotate around' throughout the animation; just keep looking at the object. Im attaching two screenshots which shows the change in the axis while moving over the object. Also attaching a dummy file with the same camera path and keys. Please help ASAP ! Thanks ! dummy file.c4d