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  1. ok sorry about the quote ,, so about my problem what the right way to do that ,, and get good result ,, for example how characters modeler deal with this issue and question for you ,, did you try other software for uv mapping like maya or any software and what you think about cinema 4d ? it's strong enough for this thing in general " modeling , environment , game assets " ,,
  2. so my way in uv unwrap it's wrong ? ok i'll try do it again in right why and post it here to show your what will happen
  3. ok i'm sorry for not enough information ,, look to this screen shot ,, the polygon mesh size they are the same ,, but in uv size is different and this affected on material
  4. Hi CBR ,, how are you ? the problem is when i do uv unwrap ,, the size of squares or polygon in UV ,, not exactly the polygon size ,, so what the solution how i make UV exact the model i have
  5. hi guys i have this annoying problem with UV they are not same size of polygon , so what the solution
  6. and i hope someone guide me to some posts or tutorial will help me in that like how i do the octane result in physical or standard render in cinema 4d
  7. i love octane but i don't have good GPU ,, so i still learning physical render i work on project so i wondering how i will can do something like octane project ,, i think this forum will help me in the future
  8. hi C4D cafe i want ask about cinema 4d render engine i see recently cinema 4d user use octane render ,, so i wondering cinema 4d render engine " standard & physical " can do everything octane can do ? we don't talk about the time ,, all other thing
  9. i will ,, and try find best solution
  10. yes right i'm understand you , but what i say is there others 3d software let you do this and more ,, but cinema 4d unfortunately can't , always we need plugin plugin plugin
  11. what i can use inside cinema 4d for make things like octane scatter ? especially in this video
  12. thank you CBR,, i'll watch this video any others you recommended ?
  13. hello guys ,, what the best tutorial for rendering and lighting in cinema 4d ? for stander and physical render then corona , vray , arnold i want best resources for learning and what you're think about vrayforc4d ?

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