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  1. Hello everyone, So I'm working on a a project where I have to rig the surface going into some kind of "scrunch mode". It seemed logical to use IK for the rig so everything moves together. The problem I'm having is that the bend is happening in the wrong direction. I see that the issue is coming from position of the first and last joint, their starting position naturally creates a bend in the wrong direction which causes to the IK to bend in the wrong direction. I can't seem to figure out a work around for this. If i switch the pole vectors, things don't move like their supposed to, and I can't find a solution for animating the pole vector so it doesn't pop into place. I've also tried experiment with other methods other than IK, but the pieces don't track together when they're animated separately. I'm really lost on this one, so I'd appreciate some insight/help! The test file exceeded the upload limit, so here's a Google Drive link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VfDq-591zFh42p39Rb_mAQIB8OqeJfle/view?usp=sharing Thanks! Seun
  2. Frick dude! That's it! Tried it on the original project and it works perfectly. Much appreciation, Jed!
  3. To clarify, the problem that I'm having is that as I rotate the "posts" the main object doesn't maintain it original distance between the posts. Hope that makes sense...
  4. So I'm trying to create a simple rig where I have an object following the rotation of 2 parent objects but it stays up right the entire time. I though I was on the right track using the constraint tag (Up Vector and Parent) but it's not working. Anyone know what I could be doing wrong or an easier way to do this? Thanks!
  5. You mean put it all in a spline wrap? The issue is that I don't want the control cylinder to bend. It's supposed to appear stiff and not deform. I saw in xpresso that there was a clamp node but I can't for the life of me seem to get it to work... Your approach above works, only thing is that I'll have to guess the length of the rope as I animate the controls.
  6. This is a rough example of what I'm talking about. The clamp helps me maintain the length of the rope when I drag control cylinder. RopeRough.c4d
  7. I though about spline wrap but the issue with this particular animation is that the rope is attached to an object that's supposed to be a hard surface that can't bend/curve. The clamp constraint gave me what i needed, it's just buggy and really hard to iterate with so I though there might be an xpresso option that's more stable.
  8. Hello, I'm trying to figure out a way to mimic what the Clamp Constraint does with Xpresso. I've tried using the Constraint tag but it does a weird thing whenever I undo moving an object it bugs out and jumps to a different position, which makes it almost impossible to work with. The idea is to create a rope with a spline, convert the points to nulls with IK-Spline and animate the rope with the nulls but use clamp on the nulls to maintain the length of the rope. I've tried creating an IK Chain with the nulls but I lose a lot of control for deforming the rope. If anyone has another way of approaching this, please let me know! Thanks! Seun
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