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  1. Hi Push ! have you had the chance to try the Mineral reign library with Reshift ? Some customers did with Redshift, Vray or even c4d standard and seemed very happy with it... I could myself only render it in Octane because my computer has not enough power to make a vray or other renderer ready version of the library so far... But of you got it and make render both in redshift and Octane please share them with us. i would be happy to see how nice they render in different renderers ;) ...
  2. Thank you for the information Cerbera. I wrote Hsrdelic to know more about the conditions of the c4dcafé store... ;) i wanted to do this but did'nt know if t was something to be done and how to do it ;) ...
  3. only one week left to benefit the 10 % discount on the 2k to 5 k material collection with the coupon code "c4dcafe" at : https://gum.co/mineralreignfull
  4. I've been asked several times how the 2k to 5k version compete with the 1k preview version. Here are some close-ups for you to see ... (not my best light setting for this angle though)... Edit : Sorry apparently I cannot add anymore images in the forum due to a limitation, any idea to keep posting images without limit ?
  5. Thanks to all those who already got the package ! If you have any question regarding the release feel free to ask ! And also feel free to share how you enoyed it in your art ! ;)
  6. I also understand your concern about the tilings. Some textures are always working better for heavy tiling than others due to the nature of each textures. as an example when a texture has a strongly recognizable part in it you tend to recognize it in each tiles but this may also tend to be attenuated with the displacement which force vary the angle of view of the texture. Some of my textures are working great with a large amount of tiling and some are better with a fewer amount. it depends I didn't notice any obvious problem ranging from 2 to 8 tiles which where the situation where I used most of them. So I guess in most real life situations the collection should work fine ;)... I have bought some pixel lab stuff myself in the past and wanted to try some other before I bought them, that I finally didn't buy and threw away just for the very same reasons you point out... The feeling was the pixellab textures where some kind of randomly created with no specific care on each material. I love their studio lights setting for Octane though and pixeldirt is quite cool too ;) ...
  7. Hi push funny I just had a talk with a great french artist who had switched from Octane to redshift but switched back to octane again and who is now using both depending on the project (he made some threads in france about advantages and disavantages of both which where really interesting an quite exhaustiv). He got the collection this morning and seems to have a great fun with it. So far he has been playing with it in Octane but I'm sure he will use it with redshift too quite soon... if you go with the collecton I hope you will enjoy it as much as he does ;) ...
  8. Hi StCanas Of course you are entirely right about the c4d based material which has more users. The only thing is I'm working on an old Macbookpro early 2011 and the process of setting the textures for c4d is a huge problem because of rendering times which don't allow me to finess the textures. So for now I can only use my main renderer which is Octane with its tremendous speed with my 1080ti and speed of realtime viewing which allow me to finesse the textures for best settings. Octane can also be used not only on c4D but many other apps. But I plan to developp the collection for c4d native, vray and Arnold as well in the future. only have in mind that i am a single person not a company. And that i'm providing this collection for a very low price (36 euros) compared to companies who sell this kind of collection for at leats 120 euros and even sometimes sell a single 4k texture at 25 euros... Also even if the textures are not "ready" for any renderer, they can still be perfectly used with any renderer by plugin the maps into the desired channels and by making minor intensity adjustments mainly in the reflectance or specular channel (switching to beckmann mode for instance for metallic materials for higher speculars and reflectons) or by adjusting the distance in the displacements depending on the size of the object you apply the material too (but this goes for octane as well as any other renderer). besides that all the other channel work as is by just pluging the desired maps into them. Besides that you are right on all points you raised and I would surely love to have more users able to enjoy and make great art with the entire collection and the collections to come (i have some great stuff in preperation). Hey there Sorry about this! The engineers are working as quickly as possible to get the buttons on the site up and working again. I’ll shoot you a line when they’ve pushed through a fix. Thanks so much for your patience – shouldn’t be too much longer now.
  9. I have finally released the Mineral Reign collection : it contains 64 mineral Materials - with 340 textures, Diffuse, Specular, Roughness, Bump, DIsplacement and Normal Maps. - A .c4D file with all the materials settings for Cinema4D Octane. -Orbx files containing all the materials settings and maps to be used With Octane Standalone or any 3D appication using OCtane as renderer. it's a 15go material and texture collection. I hope you'll have fun using these materials. If you happen to do some great art with the material just post it here or mail it to me. I'll be glad to see how you enjoyed the materials and took benefit from them in your art. https://gumroad.com/l/mineralreignfull by using the code "c4dcafe" you can get a 10 % promotional discount on the collection during the month to come (April) NEW UPDATE : Gumaroad has fixed the previous issue which was hiding the offer code, and now the code can be used to purchase with 10 % off ...
  10. Thanks caveman, It should be released pretty soon now I'm just checking some last adjustments to be sure everything is set fine... Stay tuned I'll be be back for more ...
  11. You can now download a preview of the collection "Mineral Reign I" containing 8 materials and 40 texture maps out of the the 62 materials and more than 340 texture maps for the final collection. I have included a .C4D file containing the octane Material settings as well as an .orbx file to be use by octane standalone or any 3D pap using Octane as renderer. The texture maps have been downsized to 1024x1024 while the original library contains 2k to 5k maps. The texture maps themselves can of course be used also in Arnold or Vray... All including Diffuse, Specular, Roughness, Bump, Displacement and normal maps. Hope you will enjoy them... https://gum.co/mineralreign
  12. Cool idea ! Could be used to build random neckless ! Really an interesting concept !
  13. Hi St Canas Thnks for suggesting the vray and Arnold. I've been a user of these renderers beofe but i'm not so familiar with them anymore. So i'm not sure I can rod the necessary tweaking to make these materials coherent myslef. I'm sure a regular user of vray and Arnold would do this in seconds. It's only i'm not to familiar with these renderers. So in the beginning I will release the library as is with the octane material settings on top. and of course if I find myself able to do it I'll provide the Vray and Arnold settings as well. I wish I could be a company and have a team helping me on this, but i'm just a regular guy trying to build something nice and usefull. So this may require a little more patience. What I can say is that when I release the textures + the octane material settings, Other renderer users who buy it will have the Vray and Arnold update for free. Also be aware that I'll very likely provide and orbx format for the Octane materials so users of octane for 3D studio Max, Maya, Daz or any other integrated plugin of Octane will be bale to use them too... And this without rising the price , to keep the library price avialable for a majority of people So yes I'll try to make as much cross plateform as possible. And also the vast majority of texture can be plugged into each channels in octane a is This is why I kept the node editor as simple as possible, with just the textures and and color correction node so users can just tweak the contrast, power or gamma but most of the time my settings are set to default and I try to do most of my adjustements on the tiff files themselves. So ultimatley these could even be used with other renderers like vray or Arnold too and as is very easily I guess...
  14. Thanks for being so encouraging StCanvas. I'm finishing an important work and I have some few corrections to make on the collection before I can serioulsy release it ! ;) I'll start to post again in about 10 days coming back with more materials and some informations about the release ...
  15. Two more textures added in the library : Mossy granites in 11300 x 7800 and 7600 x 6700 with diffuse, specular, roughness, bumps and displacement maps. More to come...
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