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  1. I thought about doing that. That would fix the issue since it'll be one texture. Would still want to see if others ran into this regarding certain textures not showing. Thanks
  2. Only color channels are being used on the materials applied to the sky object. I'm assuming its with the tags. It works fine when there is 0% reflectance on the sphere's material. btw the spheres are reflecting the sky object. (I used a composite tag to show only in reflection.) Have at it.. just relink an earth photo. Enviro Test C4D.c4d thanks!
  3. Hello all, I'm a bit puzzled about a problem I've been having lately and hope to see if any one has a solution... I am creating a space/earth scene and want to create an environment using a sky object. There are two textures on the sky object (Earth photo and a star field.) They environment reflects fine when I use a sphere with a high reflective material. However when I increase the roughness on the sphere material, it would only show one of the textures on the sky object as you can see in the pic (shows the far right texture tag). I included my objects tree and how the materials are projected on the sky object in texture mode. I've tried mixing textures but no luck. Moos

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