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  1. Effector driving pose morph value

    thanks CBR, I found this video.. Getting close, but when I hook up the rangemapper to a deformer the Xpresso setup turns yellow.. https://cgbeer.com/affect-any-parameter-with-mograph-effectors/ I'll keep digging ;-)
  2. Effector driving pose morph value

    I don't think that is what I am looking for. What I am trying to do is using an 'external' plain effector driving morph tags when the objects passes through this effector This way I'll have one effector and multiple objects animating their morph when passing through.
  3. Effector driving pose morph value

    Thanks CBR, I'm going to check the video!
  4. Hi I am trying to create an animation setup but I am stuck.. I am trying animate the following There is a plain effector (capsule) with faloff somewhere in the scene. Then there is my objects. these are all the same objects which all have a posemorph tag. I animate the object towards the effector and want the pose morph to effect the strength. So I think it is a simple solution using expresso. Connecting the plain effector to the PoseMorph strength. One thing is I cannot find the right value from the plain effector to drive the pose morph. Am I on the right track or am i missing something? Menno
  5. modelling WIP-Dutch city bike

    I'm sure you won't sit so relaxed on this one (yet) as you do on a 'bierfiets'
  6. Teamrender question

    Thanks, yes the bucket mode works 'kind-of' for still images distributed over the network. For animations you would expect a column in the picture viewer which shows the system which rendered the frame. ;-S It can be hard to debug a faulty machine.
  7. Hi all, I have a quick Teamrender question; How can I tell which system is rendering which frames ? Menno
  8. Trouble with a line while modeling

    Hi WhySoOrigina, I just took a look at your model and it consist of 2 separate parts. On one side the normals are flipped inwards. You have to reverse these and then you can merge center vertices The model itself is not modeled the right way though.. so you'll not able to get a clean result (like between the brows) Menno
  9. pro render engine

    Nice colors :-) I noticed you have 2 dimms on one side of the CPU? Is this right, shouldn't it be one on each side for better performance?
  10. Character Morph

    Morphing a fully rigged bird with feathers directly into a logo (with letters I presume) is not possible to my knowledge. I would suggest to convince your client to first transfrom the bird into dust, or a water like surface and have that transform into the logo. It could also be a more visually interesting animation?
  11. Starboard character (WiP)

    Hee Jarno, nice work you have on your website. Are you going to Playgrounds Festival today/tomorrow by any chance? gr Menno
  12. R19 Weight painting bug?

    Yeah, it is all a bit confusing, especially when you are following a tutorial from pre- R19.
  13. R19 Weight painting bug?

    Ha Recto, Thanks Dan! This seems to be the problem. I was using the weights manager indeed, but as of now that is not working and like you said, you have to use the "Weight Tool". Now I can continue working on my character ;-) Great community we have here! best Menno
  14. Hi, I have a bug in R19 when doing weight painting. I have made a video to show the issue. https://youtu.be/gWFK5QY5iF0 The bug happens when I try to paint ("add") 5% weight back to the head bone. It only adds 100% weight. This also happens with other settings like ""Smooth" I have to investigate further, but perhaps someone has encountered a similar problem and found a solution? Menno
  15. Starboard character (WiP)

    Hehe funny ;-) well the mask is based on the Starboard logo The rest of the logo is not something to convert to a character so I made one up.