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  1. Today my agenda was clear so I decided to create a character. Sculpted in Zbrush, Retop in 3D Coat (Head) and do the rest of the modeling in Cinema4D. Just a quick cylinder UV to have something on the vest. Doing proper UV's and textures is for the next spare day ;-) rockZero_turntable.mp4
  2. Hi Teknow, you are not able to receive PM's?
  3. You really make me curious what you say about the performance. I am running Windows 10 with a AMD Threadripper, 32GB Ram and a RTX 2080ta + 1080 setup. It should be enough for most scenes. Would it be possible to do a small screen recording opening your "Cell Surface receptors 1" file and scrub thought the timeline? I am trying to figure out why C4D slows down so much with some documents. At the moment we/I am expanding my business into more medical projects. Perhaps we can help each other in the future ;-) Will send you a pm
  4. Just what the doctor ordered! (kidding) I downloaded your files and the look great indeed!! Just wondering how you cope with the viewport performance of Cinema? For example I opened the "Cell Surface receptors 1" document. There is no way to scrub the timeline to check the animation. The only way is to disable multiple objects and the cloner to have some feedback. I really want MAXON to step up and get their performance up to a level of the other 3D apps. Don't shoot me but currently I am working on a medical animation. At first I started my project in C4D but I got sooo frustrated about the performance I ended up exporting the meshes and alembic animation to (*cugh) 3DsM** It is a little more hand-work but scrubbing the timeline with direct feedback is more important for me for exact timing. More importantly; when a client is sitting next to you :-) Menno
  5. Hi Natevplas, thanks for your tip. I did have the splines in a separate layer. Normally I turn the icon visibility icon of, but this isn;t enough I noticed. turning off the little triangle does help! :-) Now I am able to scrub a simplified scene for checking the movement of animated items. Menno
  6. why is scrubbing the timeline in R20 still such a problem? C'mon it is almost 2019! My machine is not slow and I expect better performance now-a-days. I mean, when creating keyframe animations and a scene is getting a little bit more complex, scrubbing is a no-no. You would expect when turning off elements you don't need to see, would speed things up but this doesn't help. (My scene has a lot of splines) HB Fast viewport doesn't help eighter. The only thing I can think of is copying the elements I need to animate to a new scene. And copy the animation back to the main scene. But this is really cumbersome. Overall I think the viewport performance of C4D is the slowest of all 3D apps I have worked with. :-( Does anyone have tips to increase scrubbing performance? any tips would be appeciated My current system: Threadrippr 1950 32 GB SSD RTX 2080ti
  7. thanks for the heads up Recto, For 249,- I couldn't resist buying a perpetual license ;-)
  8. Just for fun created: (I didn't model the car though...) thanks for watching
  9. Hi, I was watching a Siggraph 2018 rewind video on Cineversity and I noticed that Matthäus Niedoba used a polygon reduction modifier which I cannot find in my version of R20. If you look at the screenshot you see a blue polygon reduction icon (a modifier). I can only find a green one which is a generator and acts different than Matthäus is showing. Does anyone have a clue? best Menno
  10. Hi Bentraje, This problem is as well in object and component mode. I also noticed that this is scene based. Creating a new scene it is working. Opening my work scene and it is not working ;-( Menno
  11. Hi, Somehow my transform tools are not working as they should. (move, rotate, scale) I cannot select the 2-axis parts of the the tool (see screenshot). It could be that my cat walked down over my keyboard an accidentally hit a shortcut which disabled this? Or is there something else going on, I cannot find any setting in the preferences menu to enable this. :-( Thanks! Menno
  12. thanks CBR, I found this video.. Getting close, but when I hook up the rangemapper to a deformer the Xpresso setup turns yellow.. https://cgbeer.com/affect-any-parameter-with-mograph-effectors/ I'll keep digging ;-)



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