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Hey guys, check out new PolyGnome tool for Cinema 4D from our long-time member C4DS. You can find PolyGnome in our Store and we hope you like it!! :cowboypistol:


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  1. Great stuff nerv. I also purchased ArionFX for AfterEffects after your suggestion ;-) Menno
  2. Xparticles 4 release date

    Great! Will be visiting IBC tomorrow :-)
  3. Greenhouse WIP

    Hi Lopakam, this is starting to look way better! ;-) IMHO I would do a little tryout with positioning th sunlight. for example, if you place the sunlicht more to the rich and back, you get a more interesting render. if you don't mind i did a quick one on my laptop (perspective is way off, but you get the idea) one is more or less the wa you have the sun setup, the other one is more back-lit. this makes a better contrast in the image and brings out the tables even more kind regards Menno
  4. WarriorPanter_01.jpg

  5. Skull_wires.jpg

  6. Hand_LightBulb_Print.jpg

  7. tobi-tiger.jpg

  8. bubbleTrouble.jpg

  9. Really amazing job Recto. Great work on the hair/grooming.
  10. Warrior Panther

    thanks CBR, I changed the topic name ;-) stupid typo indeed.. UVW mapping is really not the best in Cinema, for that i keep switching back and forth to Max or 3D Coat. Thanks for the tip about 'Edge Cut' it is a nice tool indeed! I also like the slice tool a lot! Another Biggie is, which may sound stupid but to simply open multiple scenes and copy and paste elements between them. Yes you can open multiple instances of Max but it still was a pain. Menno
  11. Warrior Panther

    Thanks Jarno! (Private Polygon) Always nice to meet fellow Dutch people.. I think we will meet some day soon at a C4D meeting ;-)