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  1. Cars With Names

    Thanks a lot westbam!! I used the Arnold Render, i guess i only have to increase samples in lights and rendering settings to improve the final image.
  2. Cars With Names

    It really looks better with Mary! Ill keep this in mind hahahah Thanks for the reply Cerbera! :))
  3. Whats up comrades from C4D. This is a personal project called Cars With Names. I tried to mix different styles and colors to practice my modeling and rendering skills. Hope you enjoy! Learning more everyday in Cinema 4D and Arnold render! You can see the entire project in my behance page: click here
  4. Arnold Hair Noise

    Visionlux, thanks for the response, i transformed my arnold hair in a polygonal object and fixed the problem. Im working on the hair generation too, thanks again for the tips!
  5. Arnold Hair Noise

    Hi guys! Im having an problem with the arnold renderer, i used arnold hair in a project, and when i render, it gets a lot of noise. My render settings are all configured in a way that i get a nice render, but in the hair is being different, i don't know why. Hope you can help me, in the link i put my gif with the render. CLICK HERE Im still learning from Arnold, so my inexperience can be part of this problem.