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  1. You are a lifesaver! That's exactly what I needed. Thank you so much!
  2. I'm sure there's more elegant solution, but this would be my quick and dirty way of doing it. Depends on what you need, I mean you could somehow fake it with plane cut in half and bend modifiers. See example below. preview.mp4
  3. Thanks, I did find the first script there. Unfortunately I usually have like 1000-2000 splines of which I need the total length.
  4. Hello guys, I'm a big Python noob, basically I know basics but I still stumble when it comes putting together code from scratch (documentation). But since this is something I will be doing a lot I started digging around. What I would need is to know the added length of all splines selected based on name. For example, having 3 spline 0,5m, 1m and 1,5m and the result would be 3 meters. I have found code that selects based on name or even part of a name and gets the spline length from point 0 and 1 (which would be sufficient, cause my splines will always be vertical, jus
  5. Hi, I want to do a hand pulling on two or more long cylindrical objects and after certain amount of tension it would break. As if when you pull too hard on a rubber band or something like that. I couldn't find better reference to what I am talking about than this. Any ideas in a nutshell how could I go about this? Is it even in Cinema's capabilites? Or are there any helpful plugins? Clear
  6. You were right, but since it's going to be an istallation I couldn't just throw a huge box of light behind it. I ended up taking every individual leaf and putting a light directly behind it. And it sort of worked. Anyway, thanks. :) Clear
  7. Hello, I got an assigment to create an effect where leaves and products of the company should be cast as shadows on a colored semi-transparent foil which are hanging from the ceiling. The lightsources are two lamps positioned between the foils. And I just can't seem to get the shadows right, what would be the right way to position the leaves? Just above the light sources? In attachements are some of the pictures I got as references. Also I am using Corona as renderer. Thanks for any suggestions. Clear
  8. Thanks guys, your replies were really helpful. :)
  9. Hi everyone, I was wondering what happens when you have multiple objects such as building, roof, window, doors etc. and when everything is unwrapped you merge/connect it together what happens to the UV's? Would that mess up everything or does it apply still according to the UV's of each element?
  10. So I've played around with it, and as you said the possibilities are very narrow, so I've opted for darker scratched metal with more roughness that way I get similiar result in the mirror reflection. Anyway, thank you for your help @Cerbera.
  11. Oh I see what you're getting at, I'll try to do that and come back with the results! Thanks
  12. Hello everyone, I am working on a scene - it's still WIP, but as I was rendering a preview I've come across an issue I believe has something to do with render settings I currently have. I have this chrome material on razor and water drain which acts differently in the mirror above the sink and I was curious to why that might be and if anyone could help me solve this issue. I have attached render settings and mat screenshots, which I thought might be relevant. Things I have tried: turning on reflective caustics in GI options, increasing depth reflection up to 15.
  13. Hello everyone, so I decided to try out ProRender on one of my work in progresess and I stumbled upon an issue with the glass material creating noise that is taking forever to clean up. Render settings attached, but I ran test render at 500 iterations. I'm not saying it's too much but everything else was cleaned up around 150 iterations in and the glass mat is still quite noisy after 500. So I was wondering if there is some setting I'm overlooking in ProRender or something else I can do about it. Thanks for any advice Clear
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