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  1. Thanks - I have experimented with this but wondered if there was a faster 'cabled' solution that other users had tried successfully?
  2. Looks good but I already have mouse / keyboard set up via a USB switch
  3. Thanks for the advice - finally managed to get my keyboard / Wacom set up shared between the two via USB switch! Now just need to find the best way of having files accessible on both ...
  4. Hi, I’ve recently purchased a Windows machine to use along side my Mac Pro for C4D motion graphics work (mainly to take advantage of GPU rendering). I was wondering if anyone had any experience or tips on workflow between the two operating systems. Ideally I would like to have a cable shared hard drive between the two, allowing me to work on the same project on both machines. Any advice or tips on ‘best practice’ for this kind of workflow would be much appreciated. Thanks, Tim
  5. Hi, Can anyone recommend a method of moving a series of clones in a circular motion? I'd like to make a series of discs follow concentric circles, their motion controlled by an effector so I can use them with a tracer to draw 'trails' behind them. Something similar to the attached ... Thanks, Tim disc_circle.c4d
  6. Thanks - I've tried this but that doesn't seem to work either. Guess this is just something the native renderers in C4D can't handle.
  7. Hi, I'm trying to create a scene which uses multiple visible lights in a cloner with depth of field in the standard renderer. Does anyone know if it is possible to to get the depth of field effect to work with visible lights? Scene attached. Thanks, Tim cube_05.c4d
  8. Thanks. Attempting to hook the Field . Time Spline node to the result node (or any other node) doesn't appear to be allowed - they won't connect ...
  9. Thanks for the reply. I have tried this but am struggling to get a ‘useable’ value from the spline field (e.g. a number). Is there a node I can use to see what value is being returned? Or is that not possible for information which is spline based? Is it possible to convert this info (eg maximum height of spline) to a number? (sorry for all the questions - Xpresso novice!)
  10. Hi, I’ve created a ‘heartbeat’ effect using a plain effector with a time field set to a curve (see attached file). I was wondering if there was any way of extracting this heart beat spline value to drive other animation attributes - e.g. the emission rate of an emitter etc - via Xpresso? Any help would be great, Thanks. Field_heartbeat.c4d
  11. Hi, I'm looking for a method, using Mograph, to input a spline waveform which controls the scale of an object as it plays through the spline. E.g. Inputting heart beat waveform (or similar) in the spline section of an Effector which then plays through to control the scale (or other attributes) of an object. Any ideas or tips on where to start with this would be great, Thanks!
  12. Thanks CBR - in answer to your questions: Yes - ideally there would be some branching. I do have R20 I don't currently have access to X-Particles (is this the best route?) Thanks :)
  13. Hi, I am looking for a way to procedurally 'grow' arteries - preferably with a method which generates splines. Can anyone recommend a method / place to start? Thanks!

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