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  1. Thank you very much! Voytech's way looks the fastest in my case, but I'll also read more about projection shader :) thanks a lot again!
  2. Hello, I've some problem with using multiply textures. My object is big-size landscape with repeating texture of sand. I'm trying add into it some different painted colors (BodyPaint 3D) in one texture without repeating. My problem is when I'm trying to combine it - first texture have to been repeated about 20x times in both directions to look fine, but the second mustn't be repeated. The second problem - first texture using cubic projection, second UVW mapping (best look on this settings). I've tried different options with one material and layer, with mixing materials and more others but still dont know how to solve it. There is an option to create one huge texture and manually mix them in graphic editor but it's taking veeeeery lot of CPU and memory to preserve small scale of first, so I dont want to use it. Can you help me with that? :)



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