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  1. Hi, I guess this is a newbie question... i have a 2d image i would like to see the reflection of in a glass vase. I have created a material with the image but i can't seem to get it to show on my glass vase. Any tips appreciated. I am using r18 and vray 3.4 on a mac 10.12.6
  2. Vray lighting questions

    greetings and happy new year, I'm working on this dystopian cityscape and I'd like to do this sunrise shot with fog. I was thinking maybe use an hrdi of a sunrise... but I've never really gotten the hang of hdri and more tutorials just make my head hurt. I'm using vray and I'm sure I'm making this harder than it should be. I'm not at all tied t using an hdri... just seemed elegant. I've attached an image similar to what I. trying to achieve. I'd appreciate any comments or suggestions, especially on hdri and volumetric lighting. r18 and vray 3.4 Vheers! mike
  3. black on vray renders

    Hi there, I'm on r18 vray 1.9. and a sorry video card on my mac... didn't realize when I got smaller hard drive you got the crappy v card. I 18 TB on thunderbolt (never do that on laptop btw... unless you like it disconnecting when you barely move... 20 times a day) mac setting attached. I do have to be careful because if I get some settings too high I get the much loved blue screen when rendering. I'm to pretty sure it is related to irradiance somehow... I'm pretty sure. I've tried vray advanced materials... all manner of c4d both made by me and downloaded or from library. Read and tried all I can think of... Sheesh! Learning fast.... mac settings.pdf
  4. black on vray renders

    hello, This is only my second post but I have benefited greatly from this board, and the people seem as friendly as they are knowledgeable. I'm being overly entertained with vray renders... the problem being unwanted black in what appears to be reflective areas. I've found several references to this but nothing has worked yet, including raising the values for Hemispheric subdivisions and interpolated samples, as well as setting UVW coordinates from projection, and checking other parameters such as noise threshold.... and changing the GI engine on primary and secondary bounces. It feels a bit odd identifying as nubie as I teach technology.... but alas not 3D. Thanks in advance if anyone ventures a look. I have attached an example and settings. Cheers! Mike settings.pdf
  5. one question please...

    Learning 3D, having a blast... but this one has me stumped. Can't figure out how I turned it on , what it is, and so on. Perhaps I'm too tired. Please somebody just point it out and I'll feel shame. see the pics Cheers! MIke .