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  1. I finally got to read all of this. Great tips. @Cerbera Yes one thing I like about C4D is that it's letting me know objects dimensions once I select it. The thing with Zbrush is you start with let's say a sphere that seems to be occupying about 50 percent of your current viewport and you think you got yourself a nice sizable object but once I exported my character to C4D it reported it being 4 cm and I was like "well he IS a squirell in this case but not a BUG" :) so still kind of on a small side. Now with having your and @ABMotion tip to scale up or down the whole project in Preferences gives me a chance to remedy this issues. I gotta say @Rectro you saying that Zbrush counts in meters and C4D in centimeters makes a lot of sense because it's all virtual space and what it looks like to me while modeling doesn't mean that it's of any significant size. I do exact same thing like you said, I use sculpt just as a base mesh that I will retopo on top of and than scale it up in C4D and after I will either transfer details of sculpt again and bake maps once I know it's symmetrical in the 0 World Space and than it's all good. But I know that real world scale matters a lot more if you're working with live action footage. Alsop @Cerbera is there any advantage of putting objects in a NULL and scaling NULL and than taking them out of it versus just scaling objects on their own ? I think in Maya somebody said that Maya's algoruthm would work better if objects are in the GROUP (NULL) than just scaling group of individually selected objects.
  2. @Cerbera I am so sorry. I used my phone to post and it reported it didnt go through first time. My bad. And thank you for clarifying that for me. Nothing is rigged yet but what is Cinemas DEFAULT size ?
  3. Title is pretty much my question. Meaning I heard this phrase a lot of time but wasnt sure if it applies to anyone who , as an end product , will not have to combine live action with 3D. In the other words it will all be CGI generated. I noticed that I made a model that C4D reports to be 4cm in height. Which is just a little squirell but even if i made a building at this size and than scale it post making it to fit my world how would that change anything? Is there any difference? ( i consider i didnt apply textures that would obviousmy strech in that case). Thank you
  4. After total retopo I got a pretty smooth nice even model but haaaands are just a MESS. Just notorious. And now I decided just to box model them. Simple 4 finger low poly hands and I just cant get it right. Even after I box modeled them...the smooth well and look cartoon style accurate (missing few knuckle loops but that's finishing details) but HOW in the world do I connect them. Forearm ends in 8 vertex points and his hand has much more. SO I either have to add hella lot of loops into his arms (which will totally mess body geo) or I need to go with tries and possible n gons in his palm. It's just math. No way I can male it work because I can't keep same shape of things when these fingers end in 4 side quads and on the other side is whole body with so many loops. I think I will just have to take some tries no work around it at this point./ Now I see why people box model because retopologizing organic model will inevitably leave you with n-gons and tries. Because it's math, not possible. If you start with a box it will always be a box and sides will subdivide evenly makes whole sense. But if you wanna put 2 pieces together and one is box modeled and other one organic shape...you're pretty much settling for tries and n gons. So that's a lesson I had to learn hard way.
  5. Oh wow...man this makes much more sense than what I was gonna do but hey I never made and animated eyes so there's my first time right there. BTW that animation is awesome as well as coloring and lighting. Also I noticed you put light INSIDE the eye itself. Is that something you do ? Like have 2 lights shine through translucent eyes rigged in the head ? For subsurface scattering maybe ?
  6. Oh man that's a great idea...extrude without a cap. Awesome. So how would you go about placing iris in ?
  7. Yap, I managed to drop it to 181 with drop in initial poly number and than not applying EXTRUDE like before. I hope this wont look thin like a paper in the render. Now I guess I would just insert another little black ball that would be an iris and that's what would be animated right ?
  8. Something like this...but maaaan, 660 polys per eye...damn. I was hoping for less. So both eyes combined wil be almost as the rest of the character LOL. Well I better have it ready for the close up scenes so I guess I will just take the hit.
  9. Well yes, since I guess in this cartoony style that wouldn't matter. I can always add polys and extrude inside of the eye sockets if you think thats better wat to go but I WAS gonna have 2 eyes and 2 eyelids (made out of 2 objects each upper/lower eyelid) added as separate objects rigged to the head.
  10. It's pretty cool and somewhat simple but also much like in any other program it will leave you with a messy geometry except that in ZBrush you can Zremesh it in a click of a button and get it to be guads only. And since eye lid in my case wont really deform just rotate (pivot) I don't have to be super precise obsessed with best possible geometry. They will be small and half hidden anyway and just rotating like revolving doors.
  11. @Rectro I agree on all of it. It's one thing to watch tutorials (that I do every single day) but jumping in the fire and actually facing these problems is totally different ball game and ACTUALLY teaches you THE MOST. That's why even though I know I bit on more than I can chew I think this project will force me into dealing with stuff I never wanted to deal before and make me learn correct ways of doing things. I do exact same technique in Zbrush with DUPLICATE object + MIRROR on the X axis for perfectly symmetrical copy. So I was gonna go the same way about eyes. I would go with a whole sphere with a slightly protruded iris and for eye lids I was gonna do HALF OF A SPHERE cut in half and than in half again. So second cutting would make them be splitting down the middle like our eye lids do. Also I would peform BOOLEAN in ZBrush with eye cutting in the eye lid sphere to make a space for eye geometry and than I would retopo it both so they have correct quad only geometry.
  12. @Rectro As far as eyelids, I never asked you...how is that done ? Is that a separate piece or should it be a part of the model ? I don't know I just have eye sockets and that's all. The only thing that I will add will be a TOOTH (different material obviously) as well as 2 spheres for eyes (also different material) but I never thought about eyelids.
  13. @Rectro I need to watch your video carefully now. I did do what you told me (well at least attempted to carry on the task) and made some changes to the model. This is all very excruciating but I know necessary and great learning curve (steeeep one).
  14. So, is this animatable ? No tries and N-Gons as far as I know and computer can find. Sits at around 1450 faces which makes it, I don't know I guess lighter model by today's standards. Smooths and subdivides well (which I guess mean might work for animation). I tried to have same size quads everywhere and of course loops around eyes, mouth, ears, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees, neck and root of the tail...well , all the places I expect him to twist or wiggle in. Palm of hand topology...Ughhhhh....I really don't know what to say there I have done the palm must be 40 times (no joke) at this point and as of now I can't do better. My skill just does not allow me. They smooth well but how they rig.... we will see. If by you this is a "green light" I would proceed with the only other character I have and than I will upload his topology here too. Thank you everyone, you are TRAMENDEOS help !

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