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  1. Weird supposedly "pro" workflow ???

    @Cerbera Well explained. I will get on with this tutorial and update you on my progress. Thank you once again. Make much more sense now,.
  2. Weird supposedly "pro" workflow ???

    @Rectro WOW man you career is amazing I see. It doesn't surprise me but I didn't know you have so much major work done. Kudos sir. I am really honored to be put on the right path on this forum by actual industry professionals. I see what you're saying. I love freedom of Zbrush but it does send you to a tricky place because of all that artistic freedom it gives you so when it comes to scientific part of modeling I find myself painted in the corner. I will definitely take look into some basic box modeling, topology and anatomy lessons. @Cerbera Yeah I actually watch tutorials hoping to earn good habits instead of sitting there and trying to figure everything on my own. Each software is pretty big and I know there are people out there (like you guys) who have already figured it out and documented that in tutorials so that's why I watch them but they are by no means replacement for the actual experience of one going through all the options and brainstorming solutions.
  3. Weird supposedly "pro" workflow ???

    @Rectro Wow thanks. I will check all of that. I spent about 15 hours retopologizing this batman head and I just can't get it riught. It's by far the hardest thing in modeling to retopologize stuf. And on top of that I am pusing polygons into polygins following his weird techniguew and of course it will never match, its like pushing 2 carboard pieces together. I think I will just go to Zbrush and make it happen regular way. ZBrush lets you export polygroups which are seen by Cinema 4D as separate meshes even when they belong to the same object and than you can make them whatever material you want. I dont even know why am I doing this manually.
  4. Weird supposedly "pro" workflow ???

    @Rectro OK, than I am glad I am wrong because at least I get to learn something today. Thanks for enlightening me.
  5. Weird supposedly "pro" workflow ???

    So no way to keep different materials and connect 2 meshes and snap edges and make them physically 1 object ?
  6. Weird supposedly "pro" workflow ???

    Thanks for your input Dan. I do understand that skin is separate material from leather. But isn't there a way of these 2 ever being connected in any way ? For rigging of the face especially. You can put anything into anything and hide it for a render of a still image situation but how would you animate it though ? This way you have mesh inside of the mesh...
  7. I really need anadvice on this one. So I purchased series of tutorials on SimplyMaya.com about the whole process of this guy making Batman from scratch starting in ZBrush and taking it to Maya and going back and forth. It doesn’t matter if it’s Maya or Cinema 4D because principles should be the same so that’s why I am posting this question here (and that’s why I purchased a tutorial as well). He said that this is a “industry standard of how things are done”. Which made me wanna learn from it. I am pretty much a beginner at this point and after watching this video even I am pretty much sure that this is BS. This is for sure NOT how things are done and even if anyone does it like this it’s least the favorable way. But I thought I would be better off inquiring second opinion because maybe this ridiculous workflow somehow IS being used as a “pro standard” in whatever place he works in. So the goal here (explained by the author, certain Jason Edwards) was to end up with rigging and animation friendly mesh that is pretty much ready for anything. OK, that’s all fine and well. The very first day of me on this forum I was told NOT to do things that are shown in this video like jamming one piece of geometry into the other, totally unconnected piece of geometry but he said that’s a pro standard. Um..oookay. So he began in ZBrush blocking out form with Dynamesh blah blah, we all know that, he did some detailing and tweaking and upped the resolution added details and once mesh was ready for export he ZRemeshed it (basically made it automatically retopologized to about 100K polys) and exported OBJ to Maya. Now we are in Maya with a sculpt of Batman head (100k polys OBJ). Now THIS PART is what I am so baffled about. He imported a whole sculpture as one piece but than he retopologized mask part only as a one piece and than he retopologized the mouth area as the second piece. So now he has 2 geometries. UNCONNECTED !!! He proceeds to literally push mouth piece into the mask piece and pull and drag vertices and edges to shove one geometry into the other (which I was literally told FIRST DAY on this forum NOT to do …intersecting geo duuuuh) and he was trying to say how he is avoidind intersecting geometry by pushing stuff around (and I am like “You should’t be doing it this way in the first place) so he just left it like physically separated but still kind of mesh inside of the mesh. I mean it looks awful. Than he pulled inside of the mouth as to make a mouth cavity but that is still on a separate mouth mesh inserted in a mask mesh. Than he goes back to Zbrush but I stopped watching because I need to progress and I don’t wanna create bad habits by random dudes online who claim to know what an industry pro standard is. I provided a short video with snippets from the tutorial and it will be clear to you what makes it so confusing. I know he can make it somehow connect in Zbrush but than your UVs are pointless since they are still made for 2 piece object and you will much it all together with clay. I don’t know much about 3D modeling but I know that polygons inside of polygons and mesh inserts of mesh is not an industry standard. It’s a mess ! Can anyone tell me WHY is he doing this or if this make any sense at all to any of you ? And if I am wrong GREAT at least I will learn and that's why I am here but I am afraid I never seen anyone do this weird workflow for a reason. Thank you for reading I appreciate your input.
  8. Realistic VFX with C4D

    I see, thank you.
  9. Realistic VFX with C4D

    Ohhhhh I see. Someone should do that for Maya too. Maya is awfully unintuitive. I see only one problem with that though...all these tutorials and help videos are based on default UI so how does one learn Blender with a super custom UI ?
  10. Realistic VFX with C4D

    Interesting, but sorry, I don't quit get it, how does it work ? Conforms UI to your software of choice (Max, Maya, C4D) in terms of mimicking or just simplifies or how does it do it ? is it a plugin ? I am little confused.
  11. Realistic VFX with C4D

    @Rectro And honestly has more appeal to it (Blender) than Houdini. It's not even the price it's just the sheer convolution that comes with Houdini. Jesus....I don't even know where to start. It's painfully complicated.
  12. Realistic VFX with C4D

    @Cerbera So you think learning HOUDINI would cover all VFX as a whole ?
  13. Realistic VFX with C4D

    @Cerbera I am ALWAYS ready to deal with the learning curve beacuse it's so damn rewarding :) Hey Houdini has totally free Apprentice version on their website (with few "minor" limitations of course) but I didn't know Blender has come so far. I will definitelly check it out. Thanks for the info and the link.
  14. Realistic VFX with C4D

    Hahaha I wish you said yes but I am glad you burst my bubble hahah.
  15. Realistic VFX with C4D

    Can Cinema4D create realistic looking water, smoke and fire/explosion ? Or are there third party plugins and programs needed such as RealFlow, Turbulence or Houdini ? I am playing with Particles lately and I really dig it but I am not sure if that can be used to achieve realistic VFX results. My knowledge is poor so I wouldn't be surprised if it is possible, since it's such a powerful program but I was just wondering down the road when I acquire more knowledge would it be possible to do so or I need additional packages for that task. Thank you