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  1. Is there a way to reset symmetry tool ?

    Haha I see well I was obvioulsy looking in a wrong direction with this one. I know about the L thing but never even crossed my mind. Great work Mr. Sherlock :)
  2. Is there a way to reset symmetry tool ?

    Oh so that happens ? Meaning once you started sculpting you can not recenter axis anymore ? Huh...didn't know that. One more reason to burn the L shortcut hahaha
  3. Is there a way to reset symmetry tool ?

    Wow that was weird...It wouldn't let me change the pivot point of the Axis until I deleted a Sculpt Tag. Hmmm....why would that be ?
  4. Is there a way to reset symmetry tool ?

    You're definitelly right. I didn't even notice that. I will cancel that shortcut out because I feel like it can happen often by mistake and than I am wasting my time chasing symmetry solution where actually Axis is miscentered. For some reason now my axis wont move when I use Enable Axis command or L shortcut. Like it works on anything I put in a scene as soon as I make it editable but this character is not being affected buy it. I have to figure out why. But thanks for an awesome solution.
  5. Is there a way to reset symmetry tool ?

    Like that ?
  6. Is there a way to reset symmetry tool ?

    Not sure what I'm doing wrong at this pont because even set to LOCAL it's still off...
  7. Is there a way to reset symmetry tool ?

    Hahahahahahaahahahahahah or maybe I should start sculpting after 3 beers so everything looks even XD
  8. Is there a way to reset symmetry tool ?

    That's what I am trying to find out how to do. My symmetry settings are basic. Here...
  9. I am trying to figure out if there is a way to reset the object in a way where symmetry would actually work. This has got to be a bug. I mean I put all the coordinates to 0 everything is alligned and both World or Object/Local Axis symmetry is waaaay off. Like I spent an hour trying to make this symmetry work by rotating the objec t to conform toi this imaginary symmetry line but it doesn't it work. That's why I use MudBox, because even though C4D sculpting tools are awesome they have god awful symmetry that doesn't work. So I gave up on symmetry now I just wanna see if I can go and work around it like, can I use a character to fit it into place where symmetry would activate as if it was working properly ? Is there a reset button ? I mean I worked in every sculpting app out there and never had any issue with symmetry so I don't really know how else to do it. Maybe there is a reset button after every 10 min I can click on that or something I don't know. Or there has got to be a LOCK button. Every time I move camera symmetry changes. That's not how symmetry works. it should be locked no matter what position is my character or camera in. Maybe I don't know about the secret LOCK button or RESET button :) There's got to be an explanation because its not off a little it's off a lot.
  10. Crazy long render times ?

    @Cerbera Wow...12 hours a frame ? So if you work in 30 FPS that's 360 hours per second...is my math correct ? Man that's crazy...my computer would melt hahah :) Render farms are good solution but how do you know if you would like how it looks until you get your movie back ? Like do you send them C4D file and they ask you what do you want it to look like or...how they do it? @Decarlo Haha that's what I figure. No GI for me. Still 7 min per frame with 30 FPS comes down to almost 2hrs per sec. That's nuts. I swear I didn't know that it takes that long. @westbam So basically any third party renderer would respond differently to all lights and textures ? How about Redshift, that one is also real time at least for preview so you can adjust stuff around? hahaha I didn't need GI for cube and a chunk of terrain I was just trying to see how long it would take for a simplest scene and I was shocked. @ABMotion I will watch it now. Thank you.
  11. Crazy long render times ?

    I played with render settings today and it takes forever to render just a still image as soon as Global Illumination and Ambient Occlusion are on. These are specs of my new 2017/2018 Mac BookPro. Is my computer really that bad that it would tke like 15 min for a still image of 2 objects in a scene (cube and small chunk of terrain object) ? Or do I need a special render engine. I don't know how anyone renders animation than when it takes almost 20 min for a still image.
  12. UV map looks warped

    Here is the snippet of the tutorial I am following just so you see how this guys does it. I recorded my screen with screen capture software so it's little loud (just heads up:) https://expirebox.com/download/89bbcebb56d64200484e76266223bd94.html
  13. UV map looks warped

    Hi Dan, thank you a lot for your input. I am sure C4D has all of those tools it's just that I literally just started learning about UV mapping and I am going with C4D as that's what I was recommended on this forum so I can get the jist of how it's done and basics. But I also considered getting Unfold3D as it seems that everybody loves it and that it gets the job done easier than C4D. I also found out last night by trial and error that unchecking these thw options PIN BORDER POINTS and PIN TO NEIGHBORS yields much better more precise results. But what is that RELAX UV thing suppose to do ? That tool was always a mystery to me even in sculpting programs. You said hit it few more times. Is that like flattening the UVs even more ?
  14. UV map looks warped

    I am making a UV maps from scratch for this model and what surprizes me is that some of these tiles (polygons) seem to be so jammed and unevenly shaped compared to the other ones even after I applied RELAX UV. Why is that so when you can tell that my model has even polygon topology and kind of smooth flow where every face is similar in size? Why does the UV map show discrepancy ? Especially outsides of the map. Thank you
  15. Why is Knife Tool so sloppy ?