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  1. I finally got to read all of this. Great tips. @Cerbera Yes one thing I like about C4D is that it's letting me know objects dimensions once I select it. The thing with Zbrush is you start with let's say a sphere that seems to be occupying about 50 percent of your current viewport and you think you got yourself a nice sizable object but once I exported my character to C4D it reported it being 4 cm and I was like "well he IS a squirell in this case but not a BUG" :) so still kind of on a small side. Now with having your and @ABMotion tip to scale up or down the whole project in Preferences gives me a chance to remedy this issues. I gotta say @Rectro you saying that Zbrush counts in meters and C4D in centimeters makes a lot of sense because it's all virtual space and what it looks like to me while modeling doesn't mean that it's of any significant size. I do exact same thing like you said, I use sculpt just as a base mesh that I will retopo on top of and than scale it up in C4D and after I will either transfer details of sculpt again and bake maps once I know it's symmetrical in the 0 World Space and than it's all good. But I know that real world scale matters a lot more if you're working with live action footage. Alsop @Cerbera is there any advantage of putting objects in a NULL and scaling NULL and than taking them out of it versus just scaling objects on their own ? I think in Maya somebody said that Maya's algoruthm would work better if objects are in the GROUP (NULL) than just scaling group of individually selected objects.
  2. @Cerbera I am so sorry. I used my phone to post and it reported it didnt go through first time. My bad. And thank you for clarifying that for me. Nothing is rigged yet but what is Cinemas DEFAULT size ?
  3. Title is pretty much my question. Meaning I heard this phrase a lot of time but wasnt sure if it applies to anyone who , as an end product , will not have to combine live action with 3D. In the other words it will all be CGI generated. I noticed that I made a model that C4D reports to be 4cm in height. Which is just a little squirell but even if i made a building at this size and than scale it post making it to fit my world how would that change anything? Is there any difference? ( i consider i didnt apply textures that would obviousmy strech in that case). Thank you
  4. Oh man thats just what I needed. You're awesome :) Thank you so much. Sooooo conveninet cuz i literally find myself toggling it ON and OFF all the time while I work and for such a super customizeable piece of software I am really surprised they didn't include option to add this one. Well...MAXON should definitelly pay attention to your script :)
  5. Oh I see....So basically I was kinda right. You can't change that by changing key command. You had to write an original script for that to be possible. I never loaded script in C4D.
  6. CEREBRA...hahaha oh man, that's EXACTLY what I was gonna assign G for :) I searched a lot (I wasn't lazy just coming straight here :) and couldn't find the way to do it. I am happy to hear it can be done. Please update me on the way it is done once you can. Big thanks.
  7. I made some key commands that combined with given C4D shortcuts make my workflow easy. Now one thing I often use is Filter-Grid (in a 3d viewport). I want to assign a shortcut to that but I cant seem to find way to do it. It doesnt show up in Shortcut Commands pallete. Do you guys think there is a way to make a shortcut for 3d viewport grid on/off toggle ? Thank you
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